Each portion of your brain is responsible for storing a particular type of memory. It is important for the brain to be able to recall important data such as phone numbers and/or dates in a matter of a couple of seconds. You will need perform regular exercises to develop and improve your memory. Normally, individuals with weak memories lose stuff like their car keys or glasses as well as other such items. On the other hand, memory related problems can have serious consequences in situations where you question your boss about the well being of his wife while forgetting that he recently went through a really bad divorce. Thankfully, problems due to having a weak memory can now be resolved. A number of methods exist that can be used to teach how to improve the memory. Boosting the strength your brain is as important to a college student as it is to a doctor or even a housewife.

How To Improve Memory

Memory techniques can be traced back to three prominent concepts which included association, imagination and location.

You can just as well compare it with the century old story of attaching a string to your finger in order to prevent you from forgetting things. Though this particular story seems amusing to most, the result is pretty useful particularly for people with bad memories. Placing objects within your daily environment is an excellent way of reminding yourself about certain things. The object that will 'shock' your memory will basically be the same as tying a thread around your fingers to keep you from forgetting things. You don't have to tie a thread around your finger in any case. The choice of objects or visual reminders does not really matter except the fact that they should serve their purpose. One effective method is to wear jewelry or something of the sort in a different manner. On the other hand, utilizing any item already present in your surroundings can also do the trick. Consider a situation in which you know that you'll forget picking up clothes after work, simply place an item on the dashboard that will effectively block your view of the road. Since the object on your dashboard will block your view of the road when you sit in the car after work, it will remind you of something that you need to do before going home.

You may also employ association coupled with visualization to effectively improve your memory. Words can be converted into images in order to make you remember them more easily. As an example, think about a scenario where you have to be reminded of a particular doctor's appointment at 3 PM. Obviously, according to the theory, you are going to have to create a picture which represents the word 'three' aptly. For example, think about the story of the three little pigs and try to visualize them in your head. The key is to think of an image which is special to you thereby making it easier for you to remember. Consequently, while thinking about your appointment, you will be sure to remember the time as well because of the corresponding image of the three little pigs.

Similarly, memory increase can be brought about by employing the location or the loci method. Created primarily by Greek orators, this particular technique was used excessively by Socrates himself. By memorizing ever particular visual detail associated with their homes, the Greeks would then pick out a corresponding word for each room. They would normally associate images with words and then try to remember those words by looking at the images which in this case were rooms in their houses. Whereas the location method is useful for memory recollection, it is also a good way of trying to find differences between mnemonics. What makes it easier to separate diverse mnemonics through the loci method is by being able to shelve them amongst various categories such as several towns and cities.

The fact that this particular method utilizes implicit memory is the sole reason why it is so successful. In essence, it is very easy to recall implicit memories because they do not have to be recalled through the use of conscious memory. Consequently, you should employ locations that you use regularly so as to make it less of an effort for you to remember them. Another favorable factor related to the loci method is the fact that it can be employed by children as well as adults.

Other than these particular approaches, there are many more ways through which you can succeed in boosting your memory. The quickest way to see any real results in the way that you remember things is to include these activities within your daily regimen.

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