One of the essential things every couple must acquire is their own house. Before entering the world of marriage, the couple should prepare for their future. A wife and a husband must plan and decide together for the things they need in building up their dream home.

In the midst of planning for the design of a couple’s new house, flooring is one of the essential decisions they have to make. It is vital in the overall interior of the house as it absorbs all the footsteps and takes the brunt of the couple's daily activities in building up their own family.

That mentioned, here’s a guide for the married couples in choosing the right flooring material for their new home.


For a married couple who wants to have the most durable option and with less maintenance flooring, they can go for tile flooring. Tile is the best option for bathrooms, dining areas, hallways, laundry rooms and even in kitchens. It is a water-resistant type of material and a great way to achieve a seamless look for your home.

When it comes to the color and overall style, tiles are the most versatile flooring materials available in the market. Floor tile is also a good investment for a married couple as it will boost property value.


Hardwood is an excellent choice for a married couple who wants to have unmatched natural beauty for their flooring that could go with different decors. It is also a sustainable and ecologically friendly material good for the environment and the whole family.

Hardwood flooring is safe for people who have allergies and asthmas because it's easy to clean and doesn’t attract molds and dust. It is not only best for a married couple with kids or expecting a child but also for attracting younger tenants whose looking for a safe and anti-allergy house to live.


Nowadays, married couple tend to choose eco-friendly materials for their house. It can be beneficial for the environment and also for their whole family. That said, bamboo material is an excellent choice in choosing the right flooring for their new home.

Like hardwood flooring, bamboo is also a wise choice for people who have allergies and asthmas because of its resistance to dust and molds. Couples can choose between a bamboo with natural or coffee colors, and it comes with many textures giving a stylish look that can complement to the interior design of a modern house.


Cork is the best option for a married couple who are looking for a soft and cushiony surface for the flooring of their new home. Cork flooring is suitable for a family with kids as it can provide certain protection when someone accidentally falls or trips which is very common to the toddlers.

These type of flooring is also a good insulator, and it can help the couple save money on heating and cooling bills. Cork flooring also tends to resist hair, dust and other tiny particles from its surface. It has antimicrobial properties that can naturally repel small bugs and insects.


For a married couple who wants to add a luxurious look to their new home, they can go for stone flooring. Stone floors are naturally beautiful and always stylish. The natural cool and hard surface of a stone is perfect for warm climates. However, stones are one of the most expensive materials for flooring.

Stone material comes from different forms with a corresponding porosity, stain resistance, and strength. If you are planning to use stones in the flooring of your kitchen, bathroom or mudroom, you can use hard, dense and nonporous stone such as slate or granite.

Softer and more porous stones like limestone and marble require high maintenance as it needs regular application of sealants and frequent cleaning.


In choosing the right flooring materials for a house, the married couple must plan and decide together in which is best for their new home. They should consider not only the aesthetics but also the other benefits a particular material can provide.

The flooring material listed above can be a guide for a married couple who are looking for the right elements in building up their new home. They could go for tile, hardwood, bamboo, corks, or stone materials for their flooring that can give an excellent look for the interior of their new home.

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