“Oh, my God! I can see perfectly!” … What a shock!

On a break in the workshop, I walk outside of the conference
room onto a high desert mesa near Sedona. I look out at a
surprisingly crisp, clear vision of Arizona’s famous purple
mountains at sunset. My eyesight hasn’t been this sharp since
I was a kid.

I decided to leave my dreaded eyeglasses on my bedside table
that morning. I mean, what’s to see in a standard hotel
seminar room? My normal eyesight is a poor 20/200. Without my
glasses I can only see vague approximations of people and
objects in the distance. But now I see distinct pine trees
trailing up the side of faraway peaks!

For the last five days of the Sedona retreat, I enjoy 20/20
sight. What a delight. Praise God! Or someone.

Then after my flight back home, I step off the plane in
Boston. My heart drops. The blur is back. In the airport
concourse I see only fuzzy images of people scurrying back and
forth. I run to a window only to be greeted with a muddled
view of the Beantown skyline. I guess those are buildings!
Can’t really tell.

Dang it. What happened to my clarity? … of sight. … of mind?

On each of my subsequent trips to the Sedona spiritual
intensives, I marvel at the same radical improvement of my
eyesight—only to loose the clarity again on the flight back to
my hometown, my home base, my familiar space.

In the rarified air and atmosphere of a spiritual retreat, I’m
able to see my world clearly. When I return to my familiar
surroundings, my comfortable space, I revert to my comfort
zone of only seeing a familiar, comfortable vague perception
of the world around me.

Even though I was never able to extend the sharp vision beyond
Sedona, I never forgot that I can see with crystal clarity
within that special spiritual seminar space.

Back in Boston

So, when it comes time for me to get my eyesight re-tested to
renew my driver’s license in Boston, Mass. I recall those
brief stints with clarity in Sedona. I’m determined to pass my
license eye test. I don’t want to have to wear glasses when I
drive because then, in order to see well all the time, I’d
have to wear glasses the rest of the day too.

Sitting in the uncomfortable plastic, straight-back chairs in
the testing room waiting area, I notice how similar that room
looks and feels to the hotel seminar room in Sedona—where my
eyesight is perfect! I get the message. I decide to focus on
how I feel physically, mentally and energetically in that
workshop space and to bring that feeling and vibration into my
body and being back in Boston.

As I walk up to take the eye test, I feel light, open and
relaxed. I place my forehead onto the testing equipment
viewfinder. I can see each letter distinctly. I pass the test!

I continue to draw upon how my whole being felt at the Arizona
seminar in order to completely heal and shift my eyesight in
Massachusetts. After a few months I’m seeing my everyday world
with the same clarity as I did in the heightened vibration of
the spiritual intensive in another state.

As I transport the vibration of my clear space in Sedona to my
home base in Boston, I;m able to experience the same clarity
of sight and mind in my everyday life.

A Crack in My World

From improving my eyesight I learned a magical method of
transforming any situation in my life.

1. I look for a “crack in the world.” Any occurrence that is
new, different, strange, weird or unusual. Anything out of
sequence, out of order, or out of the ordinary. I deliberately
search out any anomaly, aberration or variation from the norm.

2. I realize that this anomaly—crack in my usual world—is a
gateway (portal) into a more expanded realm of possibility.

3. Then when I find myself in a challenging situation I want
to be change, I call upon this gateway experience (vibration)
to shift me (my vibration) within the current challenging
situation. I invoke (bring in) this portal vibration until my
feelings about the challenge shift—or the situation itself

Metaphors Abound!

Metaphors for this crack as gateway pour into my mind … A
crack in the cement pavement in a road or sidewalk. A crack in
a dam. In the foundation of a house. Or in the foundation of
heavy facial makeup. Or a crack in someone’s false story in a
criminal case.

What’s in common among all these similar situations? … Life
cracking through!

In all these metaphors, it’s the raw, vibrant energy of
aliveness or truth that creates the crack in the old, rigid,
stagnant, hard reality:

The blade of grass seeking sunlight and freedom to grow
splitting the concrete. The vibrant flow of moving water
cracking the dam. The shifting earth fracturing the foundation
of our frail human structures. The human spirit within
splitting the mask of thick makeup. And the pesky aliveness of
the truth cracking the case as the truth shatters the false

Look for the Cracks in the Story

All my shaman teacher taught me to look for the cracks in the
collective story, the mass myth, the faulty foundation of the
human fairy tale. In finding the exception to the rule, the
flaw in the façade, you find the doorway to realness, growth
and freedom!

We even have this approach built into our legal system in
which the court rules in favor of the spirit of the law
instead of the letter of the law. The spirit of the law often
breaks us free from the more rigid interpretation of the
letter of the law.

It’s the ever-aspiring, ever-growing spirit of life that
eventually cracks the cosmic egg, freeing us from familiar,
comfortable yet imprisoning situations.

How about You?

Where have you seen cracks in your world? … Odd, unexpected
occurrences? Anything unexpected, out of the ordinary … or
beyond belief?

You can use the cracks of this newness to transform the old
and dead in your life

You can use these cracks in your world to contact the real,
the alive, the free side of you, the free side of life.

You can use these lively vibrations as gateways into a more
alive, fresh, new, easy and abundant enjoyment of life.

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