Do you find that you get anxious when you have to mix with people? If that's the case, you may require a cure for social anxiety.

Frequently, you will sense that people are watching you and thinking bad things about you. Frequently, these symptoms arise if:

1) you become freshly acquainted with someone,

2) a disparaging comment is made about you in front of people,

3) you are doing some activity and you know someone is looking at you,

4) you are the centre of attention,

5) you have to spend time with a successful person,

6) you have to volunteer opinions to a group.

This list covers a good number of situations that lead to social anxiety disorder, however it is not a comprehensive catalog.

Generally, finding yourself in these situations brings on physical reactions in the body. Perspiring, heart beating rapidly and so forth.

As a result of these undesirable effects, you will probably change your actions to avoid discomfort and you might do any of the following:

1) speaking extremely quietly because you would like as few people as possible listening to you,

2) talking quickly so you can stop speaking sooner,

3) avoiding giving an opinion that contradicts that of another person,

4) making no eye contact for any length of time, or not at all.

Medications and various types of psychotherapy are frequently recommended to eradicate this potentially demoralizing affliction. Medications will just allay the symptoms, not get rid of them. You might want to look elsewhere for a cure.

One form of psychotherapy that is shown to have a significant success rate is cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT. Many people now have more enjoyable lives because of this therapy fixing their social anxiety disorder.

If your social anxiety is ruining your world, why don't you first attempt to be a bit pro-active. There are a few things you could have a stab at, a number of which mean you'll deliberately put yourself in the specific environment you're making an effort to avoid, but in the long run, it has got to be worth doing.

One technique gets you to notice how you feel and think when you are in a distressing environment. Think about the scene where you are introduced to someone you've never met before.

Let's suppose you're thinking 'I bet my voice sounds all wavery or croaky' or 'I am gonna blurt out something ridiculous and embarrass myself'. This is how to handle it.

Substitute your thoughts immediately. Moderate your breathing and repeat to yourself, something like 'My voice is normal and pleasant to listen to. This man is going to realise I'm interesting to talk to.'

It is vital that you follow this system as often as you can. You can do it just in your mind as you're chilling out on the divan at home. Close your eyes and create it so it is as real as possible. If you do it enough times, this will be your cure for social anxiety. It will convince your subconscious mind that here is the real you and you will witness the outcome when you confront those situations you used to hate.

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