It’s a warm Sunday afternoon and you’ve just had a big lunch and a long walk. Now what? Recent research suggests that you should probably head over to the hammock or sofa and take a nap; it could help reduce blood pressure and prevent heart attack. Although most people don’t need a reason to take a nap, science has now provided us with heart health incentives to catch some mid-day Z’s.

A research team from Asklepieion Voula General Hospital in Athens studied 186 women and 200 men (averaging at 61 years of age) with high blood pressure – some of whom were regular nap takers. The results uncovered that the people who took a mid-day nap had a five percent decrease in blood pressure measurements when compared to the participants who didn’t take a snooze. Naps that lasted up to an hour (longer naps) showed attained the best results.


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