Call me desperate, I don't mind. My husband and I may have been waiting for that day when people would be so excited for us. Although part of our plans is having our junior, I begin to understand. Perhaps, this isn't the right time, yet.

Day Before Christmas

A couple of years ago, I can still remember and yes, the memories are still fresh. The moment when my husband asked me if I wanted to adopt a mutt, it was a bliss. Immediately, I said yes with no hesitations. He must have noticed how lonely I was missing our dog. Our family owns a 7 year old pit bull. I know it's one of those misunderstood breed. But we consider him part of the family. By the time, I moved in with my husband, I felt something was missing. I have always considered our bully my younger brother. (He's not your ordinary dog.)

The day has finally come. It was the day where everything is going to change. We were both excited on our way to the shelter. In fact, we even thought of a few names for our would-be furbaby. The long wait is over. (I don't know what happened, but the trip from home to the shelter seemed like forever.) At a first glance, we both saw a mutt about two months old. He was probably abandoned or no one knows his story. With no hesitations, I asked the staff if I was allowed to get hold of him. He had that cute puppy eyes that tells you to love and give him a home. After a few processes and steps, it was official, we are pawrents. That was the best Christmas present ever!

Pawrents are just like any other parents. Only difference is, parents have their babies, while pawrents have their furbabies.

Living with a Pet

You have to keep in mind that keeping a pet in your home can be a bit complex. You have to deal with the fur on your furniture. Probably, that's the reason it's called a fur-niture. Moreover, raising a pet is just like raising a kid. After all, that's what makes you a paw-rent. You wouldn't be called for no reason. Feeding, potty training, and bath times are the essentials. But you have to be prepared for more. Count it your daily exercise taking him for a walk. Playing, cuddling, you can name all. In short, living with your pet means caring for him. You take him to the doctor when he's sick. Play with him during the day. Not to mention, cuddle with him on a movie night. All these combined become your pet.

Did you know that your pet echoes who you are?

I have met a lot of dog owners with their pets. I have only noticed one thing. They both just look the same. What I'm trying to say is, your dog resembles you. Believe it or not, even your personality is cloned. Maybe, you just have spent too much time together. Who knows?
I remember the classic movie, The Jungle Book. The man-cub thought he was part of the family of animals. All this time, your dog still thinks his humans are his parents. So, whatever it is that you do, he does it too. I talk to my pet most of the time. I know I do not know the language they use, but at some point, they understand what I'm talking about. No, they're not turning into a human; the same as you're not turning into a pet.

Almost two years have passed, and living each day with my pet is just a miracle. He comforts me and keeps my emotions alive all the time. And most of all, he sure is a great companion you are looking for.

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One of the editors in She finds joy in interacting with people of different walks of life. Staying in the realm of internet made her learn only one lesson – to live one day at a time. Today may be a battle and struggle, but tomorrow will be a new day ahead. She enjoys playing with her 2 year old Corgi mixed – Milo. Each day is an adventure her husband and her mutt are taking.