Would you want to be LeBron James for a day?

If they were really asked this question, most people would probably answer with a resounding, YES (and for more than a day). Having whatever you want whenever you want sounds pretty good to most people. Also, having people know who you are and respecting you for your abilities could also be something people like.

However, looking at things from the outside might be very different than looking at it from the inside. WHAT, you might ask?

There might also be some down sides to fame and fortune that people do not think so much about.

The Other Side Of "Glamour"

Here is a list of things that LeBron James deals with regularly in life that you might not deal with.

1. Lack of privacy.

You might think this would not bother you so much at first, and it might not. Over time, however, something like this could be an everyday annoyance.

2. Wondering who your real friends are.

This somewhat does with the first point. With fame people would approach you for who you are and not necessarily what you are deep down.

3. Things in life would have less value in general.

What makes something have worldly value is how uncommon it is. If everyone has something it is not as valuable. If you could have whatever you want whenever you want it it would not be as big of a deal to you.

4. The pressure to succeed.

You have fame as long as your ability warrants it. If he does not continue to succeed the way that he did he would lose some of his appeal. One reason he has so much wealth is that he does what other can not do.

5. Not having something to strive for.

For LeBron James his first N.B.A. title had a lot of worth. After a ring and Olympis success does he still have things to strive for in life? He might have things to strive for in his personal life, but is striving for more N.B.A. titles enough?

6. He does not learn the lessons in life of going without.

When you struggle to earn something it has more value to you. LeBron James might have experiences this idea some before he won his first N.B.A. title. Going without things teaches a certain maturity, which can carry over into other area of life and help you become stronger than you were before.

7. What do you do when you don't have the same fame?

LeBron James has not yet got to this point. Fortunately for him he has helped other inner city children in Akron and that could bring meaning to his life.

Realistically most people would say they could deal with all this for fame and fortune. It could be that LeBron James has learned some of these things or not. Since he came from the inner city he might have experienced some of these things.

Things can appear in different ways outwardly and deep down. The outwardly is worldly and the deep down is spiritual.

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