It was always one of the more depressing aspects of aging, at least to me... an inevitable loss of "manliness" and potency as one gets older. Well the good news is, a decrease in testosterone levels is NOT something that has to be accepted as you age.

Studies have shown that it is deteriorating health conditions, and not age itself, that can cause a reduction in testosterone levels, and that men in overall good health do not experience this decrease.

This is great news! And even better, there are ways to counter this effect, and naturally INCREASE testosterone production as you age, rather than experience the opposite.

The four following guidelines will keep your testosterone production nice and strong, up into your golden years:

1. Wake Up And LIFT!!

An early day exercise session, especially weight training, has been shown to offset the reduction in T levels a man experiences from the time he wakes up to the time he sleeps. Just a few sets of bench, squats and deadlifts (45 minutes of exercise), only a 3 times a week, will have a powerful testosterone-maintaining effect! Cardio also has an effect, but not as strong as weight lifting.

2. Drink Your Milk And Soak Up A COUPLE of Sunrays!

Low Vitamin D has been associated with low testosterone levels, in a number of studies. Vitamin supplementation has been shown to boost Vitamin D, and therefore restore testosterone levels. Calcium-fortified orange juice, milk, and UV rays from the sun (wear your sunscreen and don't spend too long out there!) are 3 natural ways to get the Vitamin D needed for healthy T levels.

3. Trim Some Stomach Fat

Excess fat around the abdominal area increases estrogen production in men... problem is? 99% of us men PAST THE AGE OF 25! have a gut of some sort. With that being said, it's normal for men to have some estrogen, just as it's normal for women to have some testosterone... but knock a size off your pants, and your testosterone production will get a big boost.

4. Eat SOME Fats!

I know, this sounds like it contradicts the above tip, but you can't cut out all the fats in your diet either... while I'm not saying to eat bacon and eggs, with buttery toast, every morning, you do need to include some fats in your daily diet to maintain a healthy testosterone production... just offset the extra calories with some cardio, or don't eat too late in the evenings.

Other guidelines are common sense... get a full nights rest as often as possible, control stress as best as possible, don't smoke, limit alcoholic beverages... but the above four "commandments" of testosterone maintenance will keep you with a sky high libido, strength, (and rock hard erections!) for as long as you need them!

Author's Bio: 

David Carreras is the author of Mr. Manpower's Guide To Overall Manhood Enhancement, techniques for a man to naturally increase libido, last longer during sex, achieve harder erections, and overall be a more powerful lover without pills or medication!