Are you someone who moves a lot, changes jobs on a regular basis, cannot stay in a long term relationship or generally creates change in your world to feel good?

We’ve learned through our lives that the way to feel happy is to find something or someone out in the world who can do that for us. Eventually we discover that this doesn’t work very well and that no matter how much retail therapy, how many friends, how great our partner is, we still don’t feel the way we want to.

This is because we are doing things backwards. Instead of looking into the world for something to make us happy, what will really work is looking within.

When we meet someone and feel the connection, the spark, the great feeling, it’s not because that person is giving it to us. It’s because the person is a mirror reflection of what we are feeling inside and being with them reminds us of that connection to our love and joy. The same things happens when we buy a new outfit and feel fantastic in it. It’s not the outfit that gives us that feeling, but rather the outfit is a reminder that those feelings are within us and we can connect with them any time we want. All we have to do is remember this so we can connect with it every day.

And if we can’t connect with those feelings every day it’s because we have beliefs, feelings and thoughts that are telling us otherwise. And we’re listening to them!

Listening to the ego can take us away from our connection to peace, love and joy. Ignoring what the ego is telling us and listening to our heart can bring us to the feelings we are all looking for.

Until we change how we see the world and what we expect from it, we can never feel the absolute freedom of true peace, joy and love and our lives will fall short of our expectations.

Looking within is the key to living the life we desire.

Author's Bio: 

Bettina Goodwin is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, writer, speaker and facilitator who has helped many people transform their lives from dull, unhappy and unfulfilling to peaceful, happy and meaningful. She has a unique ability to get to the root of issues and inspire her clients to create the changes they are seeking, giving them tools that they can take with them and use every day to maintain a life of passion and joy.