Many spas, health centers, ayurvedic centers and even hospitals provide remedial and therapeutic services for customers. These remedial services are provided by massage therapists. Apart from therapeutic services, therapists also provide other kinds of body conditioning services.

In other words, massage therapists are often called masseurs, masseuses or simply massagers. A massage therapy may be anything from some minutes to a couple of hours.

Learning Aspects

All the therapeutic services are more concerned with the training than the theoretical aspects. No doubt, the medical (theoretical) knowledge of oils helps a massage therapist, but practical training makes them aware of the procedures and other details. Short term programs cover the subjects of anatomy (basic level), physiology, hygiene, pathology, public health, professional ethics and practical massage training.

Many universities offer short term courses ranging from a month to a 6 monthly program in therapeutic services which will help an individual a lot in terms of getting a foothold in this profession.

A common misconception related to being a massage therapist is that it is a female oriented job, but the truth is that this profession accommodates both the genders effectively.

Employment Opportunities

Many states now require licensing prior to the start of work. Spas, community service associations, health clubs, resorts, health centers, country clubs and even retail centers hire massage therapists for their services. A major hurdle in terms of income is that not all massage therapists find work on a day today basis. Most work as part timers in health clubs, and some are hired on contracts. Salary aspects are average, but with experience the median salary increases. Even while working in health centers, massage therapists can offer part time services independently.

Career Growth

Many massage therapists go on to become supervisors, managers and health service directors of health centers, resorts, spas etc. Apart from jumping levels in the administrative ladder, massage therapists can open their own independent health centers. Many experienced massage therapists offer independent services to the local clientele.

Lastly, as a massage therapist, you are required to maintain good health, hygiene, professional ethics and courtesy.

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There aren't many universities which offer direct education towards being a massage therapist, but many campuses and private institutions offer related courses which have therapeutic learning as a part. Checking career magazines and online career catalogues which accommodate such fields is advised.