The source of all pain on the planet, all confusion, all hatred, all poverty lies in what those in Eastern religions have long since called “The Disease of Duality.” The quest to balance the ego mind with the soul’s wisdom. When we believe we are separate from God, that God is over there, and we are over here, or when we believe that one person’s value is greater than another, we begin to experience separateness from the consciousness that connects us all. That translates to unpleasant emotions and feelings. We put ourselves in hell on Earth.
Let’s talk about the Casey Anthony case for a moment. This case has millions of people up in arms. I read that over 1,000 people were waiting for her when she was released from jail. They yelled things like “we’re going to kill you!” “You are evil.” “Your judgment day is coming!”
I want to set the verdict aside to break it down in a different way. First, there is no justice in the human experience. Justice is a subjective man made word that is impossible to achieve on a consistent basis when its origin is in the ego or the finite. The human experience is what we do to grow spiritually, and to evolve beyond limitations in our awareness. That’s why we’re here on the planet. Everything in the physical world coincides with something in the spiritual world. If it didn’t need to be healed it would not be able to show up. We cannot be given a learning experience we do not need. God is not inefficient in that manner. There is nothing about taking care of business that God does not understand.
Although the idea of a beautiful little two year old being murdered, let alone by someone she knew or trusted, is intolerable, in consciousness is it not greater or lesser than any other energy. Energy is just energy. The ego wants to assign a label to it. There is only cause and effect in all life. Vibrations are thick or thin, dense or sparse, open or closed. It’s all just energy. It is the perspective of the human being who judges that determines the label good or bad. Spirit cannot judge. Spirit is love and only identifies with love. It can’t identify with anything else. The rush to judge is by those who do not understand there is spiritual depth to every event on the planet. They see life only through a small lens called the ego. The ego must judge, qualify, quantify and measure. The ego was meant for the human experience. It is designed to manage the day to day activities in our life. It is not designed to manage expansive life questions. Our goal as a spiritual being in a body is to supersede the motivations of the ego, and allow ourselves to become God consciousness realized in a human body. Or, in other words, to become enlightened.
One truth of life is this: we choose to come to this planet. We sign up to have certain experiences. Not all, but we do come here with a plan to grow and evolve beyond certain patterns. However we can best learn those lessons is how we will manifest and create our circumstances. It’s why we choose the families we choose. The experiences we have are all for us, regardless of the emotional content. They are for us to evolve and grow beyond until we can reach a place of enlightenment in a physical body. What we do not evolve beyond we will repeat. Until we evolve beyond a limitation we cannot become enlightened.
We all see and read about incredible crimes people commit against each other The numbers are ever increasing. Why is this? It is because we have ignored nuance for so long, and we have put our attention on things that do not matter for so long, we don’t hear the screams of a child. We turn our backs on things that make us uncomfortable. “I’m not going to get involved.” “That’s their problem, not mine.” “It’s just my imagination.”
One of the points I want you to receive from this offering is that when we do not listen individually or collectively to ourselves, our guidance, and really listen, we ask for more severe events to occur in our lives. They will continue to occur until we face and address those momentums in our lives and society that are causing ferocious wounds.
Although many people feel the verdict against Casey Anthony is dead wrong, what has come from this is public outrage, public interest on parenting, paying attention, and a lot of “why didn’t anyone say anything.” Although the passing of a beautiful toddler is always a challenge to process, spiritually she knew she was giving a gift to society and to the planet. She consented to it on that level. One thing I know for sure about death, is that if the person is not spiritually in agreement to passing, they will not. We can have multiple exit opportunities in a lifetime. Unless we agree to it, it will not happen. I have seen this time and time again. On the human experience level we feel the loss of a beautiful little girl and we must remember that there is more to life than the human experience. We must reach for the expanded perspective which tells us a truer, just and loving version of life.
Most of you are likely familiar with the Jaycee Dugard story. I am particularly touched by this amazing young woman’s story of survival, strength and courage. Although it is unthinkable to most us to imagine what she has endured, and what she has sacrificed, look at the power she now has to command change. Her mother is also carrying a torch for powerful change. These people have made a great sacrifice yet but for Jaycee’s story, change would not be coming about in the way the parole system in California works. Jaycee’s story is not just her story. It becomes a nation’s story. If you think Jaycee Dugard is the only one this has happened to, think again. There are many like her out there. Without this experience the public would not be paying any attention to that reality.
As our perceived thirst for justice and “right” burn with fury, take a moment to reconnect to a greater truth in life. We are never given a learning experience we do not need. Life is working for us always. It is our job to ask the ever present question “how is this serving me?” That is the only choice that brings expansion and love to the table every time.
Only wounded people wound others. If we cannot restore humanity to those most repulsive in society, even at the lowest common denominator, we punish ourselves. There is no us, no them, no you, no me. There is only the one consciousness. Everything each of us does affects the other in some way. Just as the pebble thrown in the water creates ripples. We can either choose to be awake to those ripples, or we can choose to identify with the limited view of the ego, and align with hatred, contempt, right and wrong. When we look at life through a limited lens, it will always bring the same result. Limitation. It will bring frustration, confusion, sadness, grief and anger, every single time without fail. A finite consciousness can do nothing else. It needs a beginning, middle and an end. It needs a finite result.
You are part of a consciousness that knows no limitation. The magnificence of you cannot even be squeezed into this little box we call the human experience. The more you align with that consciousness the more limitless your experiences will become. It is a process and a discipline of raising your frequency as everything is energy. You have to value peace and love more than you value fear and control.
Rather than focus on the limited primal reactions we have to the death of a toddler, or a sexually abused captive, focus on the contributions these people have made to the greater good. Think how these stories have touched so many lives. How else would the information be disseminated to us about these types of situations? Who wants to talk about it? The government? Religious organizations? The business community? No one really wants to talk about it because it’s uncomfortable and dark.
Until we choose to face the dark places in our minds, our communities and our society those dark places will only get larger and louder. Before your indignation soars about the injustice of the Casey Anthony trial, think about our society and how little time, attention and resources we give to these crimes. Not just the crime, but the origin. How did it start? Why didn’t anyone see anything? How do we prevent this in the future? How do help those in this situation now? Do we just allow a plethora of wounded individuals to circulate through society unattended? Is that the answer? Try to focus on what we can gain from these stories, not solely what we have lost.
2012 is about reclaiming our spiritual identity. It has been hijacked by a mentality of greed and consumption. Consume and achieve at all costs. “Be number 1.” All that matters is how much money is in your bank account, how many degrees you can pile up after you name, what zip code you live in, and what school your kids attend. Our society has programmed us to believe our value is outside of ourselves. We abdicate our power to a belief system that tells us we are just a body.
When you rush to anger, to judgment, to fear or to condemnation, you rush to give away your personal power. You give up your position of love in lieu of a frequency that “takes away from” rather than “contributes to.” Choose wisely. What do you want to align yourself with energetically? God consciousness or Ego Consciousness? Even Casey Anthony is God consciousness. It may be difficult to recognize it within the mask, wounds and roles she has assumed, but nonetheless it is true. Remember how Jesus used to invite prostitutes, murderers and thieves to dinner? He knew they too were of God. We must treat every person as if we were talking to God. In truth we are. Every person, no matter how “evil” we may deem to be has God consciousness at their core. We should speak to that consciousness. Not the conscious that has accumulated experiences that have caused pain to others in the human experience. This does not mean people should never be held accountable for their actions. It’s not about that. It’s about the choice each one of us makes every day as to how we are going to react or respond to an external event that transpires in our life. The consciousness we will use to address it.
We may not have the capacity in this existence to understand each person’s individual spiritual path or contribution. What we do know is that this is a very unique time in history. We have used more resources on our planet in 50 years than in the last 10,000 years combined. As many people that are overweight on the planet are equal to the number who do not have enough to eat. Roughly 2 billion people do not have running water or a bathroom to use. Ice caps are melting at a rapid pace causing our oceans to rise and become warmer. Rainforests continue to be cut down when we need the oxygen from those trees to survive. This is a time of urgency. We should all actively and intentionally practice love. That is the frequency that will change lives and change the planet.
A dear friend of mine was diagnosed terminal twice. The first time after the doctors had written her off, and had nothing to offer her she was introduced to Emanuel Swedenborg, a man who was deemed the smartest man to have ever lived by Stanford University. The essence of the message Swedenborg gave us is that “you are what you love, and you love whatever you put your attention on”. We are God consciousness. God consciousness is love. When we put attention on something, we are loving it, because we are divine love. We don’t have it we are it. We don’t go get it or earn it, we are it.
If we put our attention on condemnation or judgment we are putting our love into condemnation or judgment. If we put our attention on worry then we are loving worry and will create more. We have free will to choose how we will create our lives and how we will heal our planet. It is an energy game. It is a process of choosing where to put our love? Choose with intention and exercise your power to create a more benevolent planet, and society that heals rather than hurts.

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Phyllis King is known as the Common Sense psychic because she loves to give practical and down to earth advice. Phyllis is reknown as a syndicated radio host. She has read over 5,000 people in 20 different countries. She has appeared on CBS TV, NBC TV, and radio programs across the country. Phyllis ongoingly hosts life mastery workshops d group reading events and psychic development courses.

She is the author of A Psychic Perspective,10 Steps to Love, Wealth and Personal Happiness, the co author of Bouncing Back with Dr. Wayne Dyer, and her new book, The Heart of the Matter, Life Lessons with the Common Sense Psychic.