Love is the fabric of freedom.
Forgiveness paves the way to freedom.
You will know when you are free
when there is nothing left to forgive
because you see through the eyes of love.

The Voice of the Oneness of God
March 3, 2012

This was the first message I received from God about Divine love as self-love. Those words stopped me in my tracks as they reverberated through the room during my workout. All I could think of was how amazing that message was, as I quickly stopped to record what would become life-changing words.

I knew these words were not mine. At the time, I considered myself to be spiritual, but I judged everyone, especially myself. I also viewed myself as forgiving. But when I forgave, it took a long time for me to let go. In my experience, forgiveness rarely led to freedom. And seeing through eyes of love was a tall order.

I received a lot more Divine messages before I could begin to understand these words. Many times the messages affirmed things I knew in my heart. Other times they defied what my mind believed and thought it knew, but I was willing to embrace them. But I must admit that at times, I resisted what I heard and it’s only through God’s grace that I was able to open myself up even when I didn’t believe what I was hearing.

Learning to love ourselves with Divine unconditional love is a direct path to happiness. God even guarantees this:

This is our promise to you: if you fall deeply and unconditionally in love with yourself, if you see the truth of who you are and live that truth, you will find deep happiness you cannot imagine now. This is possible for every one of you.

God also invites us to take a journey that starts with learning to love ourselves:

The journey begins with learning to love yourself as we do: unconditionally and consciously. In this experience of Divine love as self-love, you return to the wholeness and truth of who you are. As you do, your unique essence and beauty shine from you, your connection with us grows, and you increasingly receive our love in the form of Divine grace.

The only reality you have known for so long is separation. All that you desire but feel unable to achieve or receive has been caused, at least in part, by your lack of unconditional self-love and separation from yourself and us.

You understand yourselves to be individuals with your own separate struggles and goals. While this is true in your reality, you are much more. You are part of us, yet you live in separation and feel isolated and alone. You are part of a greater whole and in your wholeness and fullness, which you have not experienced, you are uniquely love.

The closer you get to the truth of who you are, the less isolated you feel even when physically alone. We are extending an invitation to all of you to join us on a journey to the truth of who you are and to your true essence which is unique and birthed in love.

We are here to support and guide you on this journey to full self-love, wholeness and oneness with us, the Divine Source. This is the journey you have been waiting for all your life that your soul longs to complete. Will you choose this journey or be open to it? We invite you to join a mass migration of humanity from non-love and separation to love, wholeness and oneness with us. We will be your guides if you are willing.

What amazing Divine promises! I am experiencing this more and more and I invite you to join me on this life-changing journey as we are guided by the Divine to unconditional self-love, wholeness within ourselves, and oneness with our Divine Source.

Noemi Grace

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Noemi Grace has been chosen by the Divine as a channel for messages of love, wisdom, and power in answer to her prayer on 9/11, “Use me for the healing of the world.” She trained as a psychotherapist, apprenticed in many spiritual and healing practices, and helps people find happiness through unconditional self-love. To learn more visit,