At least a dozen people died in car crashes over the Victoria Day long weekend on Canadian Highways. It makes one wonder how many people were in accidents and sustained injuries that went unreported.
Many people who intended to enjoy the great outdoors showed up at their local pharmacy or walk-in clinic. Keeping some natural remedies on hand can ward off unpleasant symptoms without harmful side effects. They can also save you from sitting in a busy walk-in clinic when you want to enjoy your precious weekend.
Here are a few suggestions to help yourself stay well in the summer months. If you are suffering with any acute symptoms, do not hesitate to seek proper medical treatment or even emergency medical services.
Bug Bites: Apis Gel is great for mosquito or wasp stings. You can take Apis 30CH internally and use the gel externally.
Poison Ivy: the homeopathic remedies Rhus. Tox and Calcarea Sulf. 6X have always worked for my clients suffering from this itch.
Injuries: Arnica pellets and gel is the best remedy for injuries, it helps to speed healing and reduce pain.
Sunstroke: Lachesis Mutus 30CH, is useful for headaches due to sun exposure. Natrum Mur. is another great sunstroke remedy where there is a tendency to be sensitive to sun.
Hangovers: Long weekend drinks in the sun can go right to your head. If you find yourself grouchy with a headache after a night of refreshing beverages, try Colubrina 30CH, four pellets twice a day. It works wonders.
Allergies: Being in nature is good for the soul; however, some of us find that it is not so good for our allergic symptoms. Allium Cepa is a great remedy for acute allergy symptoms like an itchy and runny nose. Pollens 19 30Ch is useful to reduce allergic symptoms and contains common allergens found in Canada.
Although many of us try to stay healthy, we may be susceptible to environmental influences. I recommend keeping a small collection of homeopathic remedies on hand incase of emergencies so you can enjoy our precious warm days while they last!

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Heather Caruso is a best selling author of the book, "Your Drug Free Guide to Digestive Health" and homeopath in private practice for the past decade plus in Guelph Ontario. She has written another book called "Your Drug Free Guide to Healthy Weight Loss" which helps people to not diet, but to eat to stay healthy and uncovers barriers to weight loss and how to beat them with natural remedies.