The Bitcoin Club software is one of the older programs that was a part of some major bitcoin scam. Do note that this software is quite different from the Bitcoin Wealth Club software, the latter being another scam that has been exposed as well. Both share an almost similar name, perhaps leading to confusion in the mind of an amateur investor.

The Bitcoin Club software is an online investment system by a trickster who calls himself Darry Perkinson, which is targeted towards new cryptocurrency investors. Exactly like other scams out there, it pledges to generate significant levels of money without the work. Based on the person behind this Ponzi system, all you have to to do is send your cash to a secret bitcoin address, and you'll instantly become prosperous. It doesn't seem sensible, does it?

There is absolutely no real product being promoted or sold to retail customers on the Bitcoin Club Website. Which means that affiliates just have the affiliate membership itself to provide to cryptocurrency investors who are enthusiastic about joining the system. If an investor does opt to turn into an internet marketer, they are allowed to get positions within the organization's matrix system. The Bitcoin Club scam owners declare that these matrix positions offer so many income opportunities with a whole lot of knowledge that could help you feel like a millionaire in a single day and without much work.

The Bitcoin Club system is a Level system where one needs to be a member to participate in. There are two kinds of members namely Active Member and VIP Member. Both of the members can receive commissions ranging from 10% to 70%. The active members can earn commission up to 50% with an investment of $50 while the VIP members can earn a commission of up to 70% with an initial investment of $249. Active members have to pay a maintenance fee of $10 a year whereas VIP members are exempted from it.

We did our research and figured this cryptocurrency trading system is only a scam. This is what led us to reach at this conclusion -

After seeing The Bitcoin Club review video on YouTube, we made a decision to go to the Bitcoin Club fraud website to learn more concerning this company and perhaps sign up. We got however quite definitely disappointed by the actual fact that, we couldn't find any real backdrop information relating to this business on its website, not forgetting where it is dependant on when it was founded. The website doesn't even give information about the founders of the company or its management team.

Having less any tangible history information on the business is the essential thing that offered us a hint that The Bitcoin Club Software is a rip-off.

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