I love everything about fashion. Since a little girl I have always been very conscious about what I wear. I’ve always made an effort to look well turned out regardless if I was going to school or a party. Since my parents had kept me on a budget I always had to hunt to find the best deals and sales. I wish now that websites like Fashionandyou existed when I was a child. I’m writing this FashionandYou Reviews to educate people about the wonderful experience I has with the website and why this is the only place I shop at now.

I had read a couple of FashionandYou Reviews before I went ahead and checked this website out. Since I’ve always been particular about what I wear and how I dress I was a little apprehensive about shopping online. I am a firm believer in trying things out for yourself and always getting a proper feel of the garment before purchasing it. I had just come back from a trip to Singapore and was looking for a place where I could buy a perfume I had seen there but forgotten to buy. Someone then suggested to me that I should check this website out. When I first logged into the website I was truly amazed by everything they had to offer. There was so much to browse through that I completely forgot about by perfume and started checking shoes and bags out. I found some really great deals on my favorite international designers so decided to place an order for a pair of shoes along with the perfume. They told me I would receive my order with one week of placing the order. Since I’ve always been vary about paying online using my credit card I a little apprehensive about what to do. However I was put at ease once I saw that they offered a number of different payments options. I chose to pay cash on delivery. I was pleasantly surprise to receive a message saying my shoes and perfume would be reaching me just five days after I placed my order. The delivery guy on giving me the package even allowed me to check both the products before paying. He said it was a company policy and they allowed people to do that with all the products they purchase from this website. The payment transaction went off smoothly and I was left give a big bottle of my favorite perfume and a great pair of brand new shoes.

Like me I’ve read many FashionandYou Reviews where customers have had a great experience with the website and the products. I have become a huge fan of the brand since then and always do my shopping from there as long as I can help it. Since it has things both men women and even children it is an ideal place for me to buy presents and gift vouchers. I hope my Fashionandyou review has at least generated enough interest in you to want to go and check them out if not buy anything.

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