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Usually, people who are total beginners who started going to the gym get intimidated and shy when it comes to using gym equipment. They get anxious when they attempt at using the equipment, thinking that they are not using it correctly.

The rise of the popularity of using kettlebells in workout routines is because of its effectivity when it comes to shedding extra weight and strength development. Kettlebells are among the many gym equipments that beginners find daunting to use, but when one finally gets in the hang of using it, they will see that it can be a very effective fitness tool for weight loss and muscle gain.

Working out with kettlebells can provide you with a form of functional training with manifested results that can improve your way of living in general. For example, if you consistently use kettlebells in your exercises and workout, you’ll find yourself having an easier time bringing your grocery bags or carrying your child from one place to another since kettlebells are very effective and efficient when it comes to developing arm muscle strength.

Below are kettlebell routines and exercises that can help you burn fat and built muscle as a beginner. These exercises can be done in a circuit or in sets that you can perform in between intervals. This article hopes to aid individuals who are beginners when it comes to using kettlebells in their workout exercises.

1. Kettlebell One-Arm Row

Start by placing the kettlebell on the floor and take a staggered stance using your right foot put in front of you. Make sure that your foot is planted outside the weight. Proceed by digging the ball of your left foot in the floor behind you, then bend your hips in order for your torso to be angled by about 45 degrees to the floor. Reach for the kettlebell using your left hand while using your right thigh for support. Make sure to keep your shoulders square, and repeat the exercise in each side.
Note: Eight reps each side.

2. Kettlebell One-Arm Press

You can start this exercise by standing tall while holding the kettlebell in one hand while maintaining it at shoulder level. Root your feet into the ground or floor as though you are preparing for a person to push you. Take a deep inhale into your belly and brace your core, abs, and glutes. Proceed with the exercise by pressing the weight overhead with your forearm vertical above your head. You have to make sure that your chin is pulled back in order for the weight to be clear from hitting your head. When lowering the kettlebell, pull it back to your first position as though you are performing a pull-up. Repeat the exercise while doing reps on each side.

Tip: If you feel the need to arch your back which causes your rib to flare, locking out your arm
Note: Five reps each side.

3. Kettlebell Shoulder Halo

Stand with your feet between your hips that’s shoulder width apart. Hold the kettlebell upside down by its horns; thus, the bells should be face up. Draw your ribs down by screwing your hips down to the floor. Then, move the kettlebell around your head, and make sure to be careful in maintaining your posture by not bending your torso regardless of the direction. Make sure to move slowly in order to avoid hitting yourself in the head. Repeat each exercise by going to both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

Note: Eight reps each direction.

4. Straight Leg Dead Lifts

Start by maintaining a flat back and straight legs, then tip forward with a slow and controlled motion in order for the weight to hang few inches from the floor and squeeze or contract your glutes as you come back up to a standing position. This exercise will affect your glutes and lower back when done successfully.
Note: 20 reps each side.

5. Kettlebell Figures Eights

Just like how the title describes it, you have to make a figure eight around your legs. As you do this kettlebell exercise, you have to focus on throwing the weight alternating from hand to hand with the use of your fingers facing in front of each other. In order to successfully pull this exercise off, you have to be able to perform a catching motion as though you are passing the kettlebell from one hand to the other. You can perform your reps by starting off at a slow rate, and speed the pace up once you get in the hang of doing it.
Note: Fourteen reps in each direction.

6. The Clean

This exercise is similar to the kettlebell swing, but The Clean instead is a more explosive exercise that targets the whole body. This exercise can take time to learn, but once you finally familiarize it, you will find that it is one of the best kettlebell exercise routines used for developing strength in your whole body.

The first thing to do is to hold the kettlebell in one hand and grasp the top of your first hand using your other free hand, then curl the bell towards your chest. At this point, your other hand is now free. Make sure that your elbow is tucked against your side, as though you are holding something in between your armpits. Maintain a vertical position with your forearm but have it slightly angled across your chest. Then, position the kettlebell’s handle to the callus line.

As you go through your reps and routines in using the kettlebell, it is crucial to perform warm-ups beforehand for you to avoid muscle strains and injuries. Also, when performing the routines mentioned above, make sure to maintain proper posture positioning in order to avoid having accidents and to have the best results in your workout.

Kettlebells, if used correctly can give you impressive results such as giving you cardiovascular benefits, strength build-up, and improved flexibility. You can start by using starter kettlebell weights, and carry onto bigger weights as you continue using kettlebell weights.

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