1.Bad for you, you do not mind this too much in your life, no one is obligated to be nice, but me and your mother. Nice to people, you have to cherish, Thanksgiving.

2.No one is irreplaceable, nothing is indispensable. Seen through this point in the future even if you lose the love of all the world, they should understand that this is not a big deal.

3.Life is short, this is still a waste of life, tomorrow will find life far away from you. Therefore, the sooner cherish life, you have more time to enjoy life, is expected to look forward to longevity, I would rather enjoy a little earlier.

4.Love is just a feeling, and this feeling will over time, mood change. If you leave the so-called love you, please be patient and wait and let time wash slowly, making my mind slowly settling, your pain will ease. Do not over look forward to the beauty of love, do not over-exaggerate the sadness of lost love.

5.Although many successful people have not received much education, but it does not mean it does not study hard, to be a success. You have learned is that you have a weapon. Remember, people, you can start from scratch, but not unarmed!

6.I will not ask you to support my rest of my life, again I will not support you either, when you grow up to be independent of the time, my responsibility has ended. After you take the bus or the Mercedes-Benz, eating shark fin or fan, to be themselves.

7.You can ask yourself trustworthy, but you can not ask others trustworthy, you can ask yourself to be nice, but you can not expect others to you. How do you human, does not mean that others what you will, if see through this, you will only add unnecessary trouble.

8.Twenty-six years I bought a lottery, or poor and white, not even the third place, this proved to be well-developed people, or have to work hard for the world and there is no free lunch.

9.The fate of their loved ones only once, whether in this life you will get along with me and how long, please cherish copolymerization time, next life, both love and not love, not goodbye.

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