Call it Spiritual Aerobics, call it Soul Toning, call it a Consciousness Workout or Waking to Oneness; this simple 2-minute exercise will clear away the cobwebs and leave you feeling good.

You don’t need candles or incense. You don’t need chanting monks or gongs or bells. You can do it at your desk at work, on your way to work, or sitting on the edge of your bed when you wake up in the morning. You can do it with your eyes closed or (useful if you’re reading or driving) open.

But, before you start, let’s take a quick look at the meaning of FeelGood.

It’s not – as we’ve said so many times – the opposite of feeling bad. FeelGood is the art of owning where you are right now. It is the understanding that whatever is happening in your life right now has been sent to you as an opportunity to learn, grow and know yourself more fully. And that’s something to feel good about.

So you can feel good about feeling sad, if it’s appropriate. As we saw last week, you can feel good about feeling angry if it’s real, carefully directed and constructive. And, of course, you can feel good about just feeling good for no reason at all.

This meditation will not take away your sadness or your anger, nor should it. It will just give you the energy and balance you need to have the FeelGood perspective described above, and help dispel the fear and sense of helplessness that can prevent you from feeling this way.

If the lesson is that you need to accept what is happening to you, you will know. If the lesson is that you need to change what is happening to you, you will know.

How do you know? Through intuition, and knowing what you really need. By taking you deep inside yourself, this meditation can help with that too.

Start by taking a deep breath in, as deep as you can, holding it for a second, then taking a slow, deep breath out, pausing for just a second before inhaling again. Now feel these words as deeply as you can, as you breathe in … and out.

- I breathe in the energy of love that flows with ease through the universe … and I breathe out the fear that hides in the dark corners within me.
- Now I breathe in the bright white light of healing … and I breathe out the soupy sludge of disease.
- On this breath I feel the white light vibrate within me … as I breathe out I feel its energy thrill through my veins and tingle in my fingertips and toes.
- Now I breathe in the warmth of oneness and connection to all … and breathe out the illusion of isolation and separation.
- I breathe in the simplicity I long for … and breathe out the wants that clutter my life, the complexities that confound me.
- I breathe in my wild and passionate spirit … and breathe out the limitations that keep me from living with joy and fullness.
- On every breath, I go deeper into my true self, my spirit … even as I breathe out I feel the depth within me connect to the oneness outside of me.
- Now I breathe in the eternal flow of love, oneness and gratitude … and out, fear, worry and regret … within and without, within and without …

You can start again, or just stop there. You can come back to it later, or just remind yourself of the feeling when you’re standing in a queue (close your eyes, breathe in, breathe out and smile; yes, this is the part where people think you’re auditioning for a coffee ad).

We’ve talked about the benefits of meditation and how to meditate in more detail before, but this is just to remind you that it’s not complicated, it’s not something you only do when the time is ‘right’. Try it now. Do it often. You’ve got nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

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