Soft-tissue injuries are classified as damage to the soft-tissue and muscle structures of the body. The most common injuries classified as soft-tissue injuries include strains, sprains, dislocations, fractures, herniations, and sports injuries. The pains can range from insignificant to major, and the therapy can vary depending on the severity of the damage and the area of the pain on your body. With this in mind, you must consult with a doctor when you have a soft-tissue injury to ensure that it is diagnosed properly and treated appropriately. Below we will go over some of the most common injuries in athletes and other individuals who engage in vigorous physical activity.

Ankle Strain is the most common injury when the individual jumps, slides, falls, or tumbles on their foot. With this type of injury to the tissue inside, the ankle becomes stretched and torn due to the movement. Common symptoms of ankle swelling and pain include swelling, redness, and pain when moving the foot, along with the limited motion. You may also encounter insensitivity or tingling feelings in the ankle area.

Tendonitis, also known as tendon calcaneus syndrome, is the inflammation of a tendon, a protective muscle, or ligament in the elbow, ankle, or wrist. This condition is painful and can be accompanied by persistent pain and stiffness. Common symptoms include severe pain and stiffness and an inability to extend your arm fully. If you see any of those symptoms, it is important to visit your doctor as soon as possible. Tendonitis is very common among tennis players, weight lifters, and athletes engaged in contact sports.

Achilles Tendonitis also referred to as tendon calcaneus syndrome, is a tendon's inflammation, a very important, strong, and deep muscle in the leg. The tendon supports the ankle and assists with walking and running. When you suffer from Achilles tendonitis, there can be a serious pain and swelling in the affected areas. There can be fissures, tears, and other issues that make it difficult to heal properly. It would help if you were sure to take care of the condition and rest when needed to prevent any additional injury.

Face joint problems These are injuries to the face's joints, including the cheek, nose, and forehead. These soft-tissue injuries can be caused by anything from a fall, accident, or trauma. They can present as simple twinges, sharp pains, or chronic pain and swelling.

Several times, people don't understand the effect of soft-tissue injury prevention. Many people mistake trying to "fix" an injured area with over-the-counter pain medications and/or surgery. These procedures don't address the original basis of the problem, which is inflammation. This leads to repeated injuries that don't go away and can even lead to more serious issues if they are not cared for correctly. If you think you have a soft-tissue injury, get it checked out before it gets worse.

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