Our little greenhouse permits us to plant vegetables and fresh flowers all year and protects them from the bad weather and the bugs. As greenhouses are limited in space, you want to select the flowers and vegetables that give a high yield. I have tried to depict them below.


Depending on the variety, Snapdragons grow 2 to 3 feet tall and make a lovely cut flower. Cooler temperature is suitable for its growth. So, as a winter production in your greenhouse, Snapdragons can be a perfect choice. If you want to produce it in the summer you need to provide shade to shield it from the burning afternoon sun.

Patio Tomatoes:

In the limited space of the little greenhouse a patio tomato grows well. Tomato plants produce better results if daytime temperatures stay lower than 90 degrees F. and night time temperatures stay more than 55 degrees F. Patio tomatoes produce their crop over a period of six to eight weeks. They can be taken away after production has ceased and replaced with another type of plant.


Carrots should be considered for planting in a greenhouse as it takes up less space than any other vegetable because the edible portion of the carrot grows under the ground. Carrots only will require to be spaced 2 to 3 inches apart, but they must be planted deep and in slack soil to get a higher-quality carrot harvest.


The Pepper is another greenwhich is ideal for greenhouse cultivation. It grows most excellent if it is provided with a little shelter from the sun during the hottest part of the day. It will produce for you as long as the plants do not freeze. Most pepper varieties cultivate to a hight of about 36 inches. The Peppers will need to be planted 18 inches from each other in rows that are 24 inches apart.


Lettuces are a popular green which are normally used freshly cut for salads and are easy to grow in the greenhouse. You can cut individual lettuce leaves as soon as the plant grows to a height of 3 to 4 inches. Harvest the complete plant by cutting at the bottom using a sharp knife when it has reached a height of about 8 inches. You should cut it just before using it in your salad.

I am in no doubt that I will get numerous comments telling me that there are a lot more plants which can be grown inside a greenhouse, but just from a personal viewpoint, in my opinion they are just a small number of of the easiest ones for the novice to have a good go at growing. I believe that if you can be successful at growing these then it can only encourage you to go on and try some of the tougher fruit and vegetables to grow. Most of the greenhouse owners can grow slightly more difficult plants such as Cucumbers, Grapes etc. This is aimed at the beginner. After all all of us have to start somewhere.

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