We see many ads offering SEO Submission services. Most of the companies claim they can submit their clients' site to thousands of search engines and guarantee a great SERP listing. Sounds cool, but are SEO submission services really worth the money?

Before we come to any hasty conclusions, here are some arguments put forward by the nay-sayers of SEO Submission.

* It is just not necessary to submit your URL to a SEO company. Big search engines like Google and Yahoo will any way find your portal. All you need to do is provide them with a crawler friendly site.
* There are no thousands of search engines as someone may lead you to believe. Only a few exist that really drive the traffic. These search engines find sites by following links. What you need are back links.
* Instead of putting money in SEO Submission services, it is better to spend it on doing some research yourself.

There is no denying the above arguments. But there are times when you need something more like specialized search engine marketing to boost your business. You may want to opt for some form of paid advertising or some other mode of contextual advertising that can give you instant popularity and exponentially boost your online business. This is something you cannot do on your own. Here is where professional SEO services can help you.

Why SEO scores?

You may be doing pay per click, but then you will have to track the results every day. You will need to shuffle your keywords often, add new ones, and cast aside those that do not drive traffic. Moreover, you would need to constantly check AD copies and keep track of quality scores. All this is a big hassle.

Hiring the services of a SEO company will save you all this bother. SEO submission services will do a good job of internet marketing and website promotion. The time saved can well be spent on your core business.

Besides, SEO scores over any other strategies that you can think of like banners, text link advertising, or even social media. Even those looking for long-term results will find that SEO delivers.

Search engine optimization is all about deriving organic results, and as we know people trust organically grown results over sponsored ones.

Here is a practical example. As per an estimate, nearly 45 percent of traffic on the front page of Google will click on number one, 18 percent on number two and nearly 15 percent on number three in organic search.

Whereas, the top positions on sponsored postings get only around 2 percent clicks on page one of Google. This simply means people trust search engines more.

SEO Submission will help you in many ways.

* Once your site gets a top ranking, you get free-targeted traffic. With minimum fuss, you can keep it that way every day, 365 days a year.
* It beats hands down pay per click advertising in cost effectiveness. A well-designed and optimized website gives long-term results.
* Higher traffic to your website translates into greater brand visibility, higher sales, and more profits.

SEO Submission has the potential to deliver, and more often than not, it does. An investment in SEO service is worth every cent.

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