It is not surprising that many people have a sizeable collection of DVD and Blu-ray discs that are for all practical purposes obsolete these days.

The trend now is to have video and music files in the digital form so that you can view/listen on your computer or smartphone anytime or anywhere you please.

The process of getting DVD and Blu-ray discs ripped is not all that difficult if you are conversant with using basic software.

But keep in mind the following.

Ripping or reproduction of copyrighted stuff is illegal.

Title 17 of the United States code stipulates that it is unlawful to reproduce copyrighted work.

The best policy is look if the label mentions copyright. If it does, you are unauthorized to rip.

But if you do have material that is not copyrighted you can go ahead with the ripping process.

In practice however, the law may provide a leeway if an individual does it purely for personal reasons such as for a backup.

The law however is stringent if ripping is done for redistribution for commercial purposes.

You have several software options in the market. MakeMKV is among the best.

So let us now begin with what you need to go ahead.
•Your DVDs

•A DVD or Blu-ray drive on your device. If this is not installed on your computer, you can purchase an external DVD drive, which is very affordable.

•Enough storage space on your hard drive.

•Buy MakeMKV program. With MakeMKV, DVD can be ripped easily.

•You can make use of makemkv discount coupon 2018, makemkv discount code to save money

Software to transcode the file after it is ripped

The process

•Install MakeMKV and open the application when done.

•Insert the DVD in the drive

•Click the drive icon to start the process. Keep in mind that the process can do away with copyright restrictions from the disc.

Go ahead with makemkv discount, makemkv discount coupons and rip you DVDs.

Here are several compelling reasons why you must do it

•Digital files can be played on multiple devices. Copy your favorite music or videos on your desktop, laptop or smartphone.
No more carrying your DVDs wherever you go.

•Store and sort conveniently
You need not physically search for your specific DVD to hear music or watch a movie. Sorting out a specific file from your tracklist on a computer is a breeze.

•For backups hard drives are inexpensive. Files stored on hard drives are conveniently accessible and fast to transfer.

You may not even need physical space to store your files. With cloud you have web-enabled storage services that you can make use of.

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