If you are looking for a career change or if you are unemployed, you might be thinking "I need to find a new job." Because of today's economy and job market, you might find fewer open positions than say five years ago, but there are still plenty of jobs out there. So how can you find a job? Keep reading on to see just a few of your IQ option Review.

Newspaper Employment Section: For ages, companies have posted a job listing in a local newspaper. In fact, most newspapers have an entire classified section devoted to employment. In recent years, you have likely seen this section dwindle down in size. It not only has to do with the economy, but the fact that many more hiring companies are turning to the internet. While you can and should try to find a job in your local newspaper, it is best to combine this with other methods for the maximum results.

Newspaper Online Classified Section: Since less Americans are reading printed newspapers, more newspaper publishers have started to focus on their online editions. Just like in your local newspaper, you will find an employment section in their online classifieds. The best news is that you will typically find more jobs listed (many companies save money by foregoing the printed papers). Moreover, you don't have to pay the.50 cents or more to look at the paper!

Online Job Search Sites: Hands down, one of the most well-known ways to find a job is by using a career search website. The problem comes from the fact that there are hundreds even thousands of them when you include all those locally operated websites. With that said, remember that most hiring companies turn to the internet to advertise an open position because it is quicker and easier. You can find a number of these search websites with a standard internet search, but some of the most popular are CareerBuilder, Monster, and Hot Jobs.

Online Job Boards: Online job boards are similar to search websites, but they tend to be more user driven and often come in message board format. These job openings spread by word of mouth. Often times, users will post a job opening they saw on another website. They might post the link to the online application or completely copy and paste the listing. Since this information doesn't always come directly from the hiring company, caution is advised.

Desktop Job Finders: First there were newspaper employment sections, then there were online job search sites, and now there are desktop job finders. What are these programs you might ask? They are an all-in-one program that makes it easy for you to find a job. You do one search and it searches hundreds or thousands of websites for you (including all those career search sites). You will get a list of all open positions that meet your search standards in one location. While program features will vary from application to application, you should be able to see the original listing and apply for jobs right through the program.

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