A few rules while writing and reading reviews

Nowadays, the internet is so abound in different reviews concerning the same topic, that is may be hard to distinguish the helpful ones. The same goes for writing. How to write and search for the reviews that stand out from the rest? Here are a few tips.

Be informative
Just describe the topic as specific and detailed as you can. Also do not try to pad out your review because it will be discouraging from the start. Present compact writing and brief information covering all most important features. Maybe a bullet list could be a good idea?

See if the author is not biased

Good review should cover both positive and negative features of the product or the service. Unfortunately, not all authors can hide their emotions forward the firm while writing and there are of course reviews that were written specifically to promote a certain firm or product. So always be careful with such articles, as they are not informative and usually do not present the whole truth. Read the first paragraph and look briefly through the article to see if the author is neutral.
Do not believe in everything you read

As mentioned above, not all reviews are purposed to show you the objective point of view and provide all the details. That is why you should never end your research on just one article. Try to confirm every information that you have read and always visit the official website of the firm and look if the features presented in the article are alike to the official ones.

Create a ranking

If you are writing a review, it is always better to make a ranking, rather than only present the cold facts, as they are not selling themselves so well. Choose the criteria and compare the service in the terms of most important features so that the reader could get more transparent picture.
Read both experts and customers’ reviews

First, search for the expert reviews, as they should provide you with all the necessary information. This TransferWise review is a good example of transparent review. Then, search through some message boards or Facebook groups to see what experiences do the customers have with the firm. Pay attention to both positive and negative opinions, but mostly see, if no client have written about being scammed by the firm or such other unpleasantness.

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