The price tag on a new car represents a substantial proportion of annual earnings for many people, second only to the cost of a new house. And due to the fact you will be committing so much money on your new car you may want to get a few items that are not included in the purchase price. We’re going to look at add-ons that will prolong the showroom condition of your new car.

To begin with you ought to invest in a car cover. Car covers can really help keep the finish on your vehicle. Naturally, it will be too much of a chore to keep taking it off and putting it on again if you’re using the car every day. But you should take time to use it whenever your car will be sitting for an extended period of time. A car cover is still worth utilizing even though your car is closed in a garage because it will keep the dust off the finish. And if you lack a garage, the sun, birds winds and falling tree branches and plenty of other things can create havoc on your cars finish. Get a breathable car cover that lets heat and moisture to escape and can be thrown onto a wet car.

The next extra you should consider buying is floor mats because there is a reasonable chance your new car will not have them. Go to a car accessory shop to purchase your floor mats rather than pay a lot of dollars for the ones that the car dealers will offer you. You will be able to save loads of money and if someone ruins your floor mats by spilling a cola on them you can simply go buy new ones. There are numerous different mat styles to check out at an auto parts shop at a range of prices - just pick the ones that suits your car and wallet. Even the least expensive rubber mat will take a lot of the dirt and wear that would normally be taken by the car carpets.

Many people overlook that the trunk or boot of a car must have protection to keep it looking good. You might have heard about pick up truck liners that prevent the truck bed from getting damaged. Trunk liners for cars do a similar job and protect the carpeting from heavy wear. If you think about it, the trunk of your automobile can become a catch all and really get torn up by placing all those different items in it. So getting a trunk liner is also somewhat important. Again you won’t want to get it from the dealership as they can be too costly.

For a comparatively small cost, these three essential accessories can make a real impact on keeping your car in ‘like new’ condition. These accessories won’t make your car perform better except in the looks department, but if this matters to you then it’s certainly worth your while to go and purchase them.

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