Samsung phones, with its latest technologies and features, has always been hot cakes in the market. In countries like India, they are the pioneers of smartphone trends with a better quality camera, display, and gaming. However, Samsung phones despite such great features in them, have a few irritating issues. For which, most Samsung users have to run to the stores every once in a while. However, little did they knew that there are a few features and settings on the phone that can make things better at home. Hence today, for our readers, we are going to introduce a few tricks and tips we get to know, that might help them to fix their phones at home. Check out some of those great tips and tricks below. 

Phase 1: the function test: 

There are different secret codes in a Samsung mobile to check if the problem lies in your software or hardware. Before sending it to the repairing home, check your Samsung phones with a few secret codes. Turn your phone on, go to the dial-pad, and type the codes for different hardware and software problems. 

  • *#0*# is for Mega Cam, Touch, and Sensor, etc.
  • *#0283# is for loopback tests
  • *#7353# is for Bluetooth, light sensor, proximity sensor, and more
  • *#1234# is to check software and firmware versions of the phone

Phase 2: flashing the stock firmware of Samsung S8: 

Most of the system software problems become no problem at all with the flashing stock firmware of this renowned mobile manufacturing company. As most of the software problems can be dealt with this simple trick, this is a must-have skill for all the mobile repair technicians. If you are a resident of Bedminster, there are options out wide for you for cheap Samsung repair in Bedminster. These technicians know how to flash the stock firmware of Samsung mobiles. However, if you're not near Bedminster, here is how to do it. Power of your phone first. Then hold the power button, volume down, and Bixby together until it launches the warning screen. Then continue pressing volume up until you reach the download mode. Then open Odin on your PC, attach it to your mobile with a USB. When the ID: COM box turns blue, you will see the message added in the log. Click the button and select the file starting with the button name. Then click start and wait until the process is complete. 

Battery replacement: 

Battery replacement is another thing you can opt for to make things right again. Here at the Mobile repair shop in Bedminster, we have experienced, and we'll equip the crew to make things right. Even though Samsung battery is different from iPhones, in which the battery adhesive strips make it easier to replace the battery, however, you can replace it's the battery at home easily. Heat up it at the very beginning, then add some alcohol to soften out the adhesive. Then insert a pet piece inside to pry the battery up easily. 

These are some of the tips and tricks you can try to repair your Samsung phones at home. However, if you can't find a solution even after doing all those, feel free to bring it to us in the Mobile repair shop in Bedminster for cheap Samsung repair. Try it today.

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Does your Samsung mobile feels old, and laggy? Read this article to know a few tips and tricks to make your Samsung mobile new again at home.