For most of us, the garage has become a sort of dumping ground for our most infrequently used items, tools, construction leftovers, toys, garbage, and the list goes on and on. A vast majority of garages are in some form of disarray, and with all that mess it's sometimes hard to remember that in most cases the garage is one of the largest rooms in your home. But there is hope! With all that space available we fortunately have the greatest opportunity for improved organization. But where do you begin?

The best place start is to create a plan. Clear out your garage, take an inventory of your things, and get rid of what you don't need. This could be a huge project in some cases but take your time as this process can reduce your clutter by a large percentage. At this stage it might be beneficial to have a friend or neighbor help as they will be impartial and not emotionally attached to anything. It may be necessary to obtain a mobile storage container to temporarily store your stuff while you work on your garage. This way you can have access to all your belongings and it will keep them secure while you finish your project. There are a few companies out there like Pods and Pack-Rat that offer storage units that can be kept right in your driveway. Take measurements of your walls, ceiling height, doors, windows, and areas around any mechanicals like furnaces or hot water heaters and create a drawing or layout of your empty garage. This will help develop an optimum storage plan for your new garage. Next, think about what kind of storage you would like to have. Do you want to hide things from view or would you like everything visible? Is your garage going to be strictly for storage or would you like to create a workshop? Also with the garage cleared out, now is the time to consider adding additional things like lighting, fans, new outlets, heating and cooling, etc.

Once you have your "Master Plan" it's time to select your garage storage products. There are a number of products available for garage storage including Cabinets, Shelves, Overhead Racks, Tool Carts, Tool Boxes, Pegboard, Slat Wall, Bins, Totes, Workbenches, Etc. Use your layout to determine where you would like to have your workbench placed or where the best spot for your shelving will be. Remember to consider all of your clearances. Make sure you will be able to open your car door with your new cabinets installed, and that you're not covering any light switches or outlets. Also consider your budget. Lining every wall with cabinets is the "cleanest" and most attractive way to organize your garage but shelving can be an economical option as well.

Treat your garage like it's a room in your home, not just a room to dump things in. You will be amazed how much extra space you will have just by doing a little layout work and adding some garage storage products. You can always contact us at for products and ideas on how to get the most out your garage space.

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