Like any other state in the United States, Washington is blessed with thousands of elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. No doubt, the entire belt of Washington State is known for education, some cities, counties and towns which can definitely boast of accommodating the cream of elementary and secondary level education based institutes are Kirkland, Seattle, Vancouver, Federal Way, Bellevue, Colton etc.

Major school districts include Lake Washington School District, Federal Way School District, Battle Ground School District, Bellevue School District, Colton School District etc. Small informative notes about educational campuses (including Washington secondary schools) which have continuously made a mark over the years are mentioned below:

Challenge Elementary School

Mountlake Terrace based Challenge Elementary School has made the Edmonds School District proud by its achievements not only in academics but other aspects as well.

Wedgwood Elementary School

The Wedgwood Elementary School is based out of Seattle and is a growing evidence of improved learning at the ground level.

Some other elementary schools which constantly take the top slots in any foundation level list compilation are as follows:
Everett School District’s Cedar Wood Elementary
Somerset Elementary School located in Bellevue
Loyal Heights Elementary School situated in the heart of Seattle

Some other Washington based preparatory schools and top secondary schools which take pride in giving eminent sportspersons, artists and other personalities to United States include:

International Community School

This institution is one of the major breakthroughs of the ‘international education’ idea put forth in the ‘90s. This public school has a decent student enrollment of around 400 and the campus is known for its extensive facilities.

Federal Way Public Academy

This school provides education to the patch from 6th grade to 10th grade. Known to have some of the best faculty members, the Federal Way Public Academy runs on an excellent vision: of education for life.

Other major school entries include:
International School, Bellevue
Colton School, Colton
Cam Junior Senior High School, Battle Ground

Not only have the numbers (of educational establishments) provided a huge pool of options wherein parents are spoilt for choices, but competition towards the top primary and secondary schools in Washington state is boiling down to mere decimals.

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Washington secondary schools have an edge over other school districts, as a huge number of private education based institutions also dwell with top secondary schools strengthening the knowledge laden path for one and all.