As the international day of women approaches, I began to contemplate about means to pay my genuine respect for, and eternal admiration toward, them.

I was fortunate enough to be blessed with having a remarkable mother who spent her entire life up to her demise raising her children after the death of her husband, a devoted Chinese wife who would sacrifice her own happiness to ensure mine, a daughter whose love inspires me to be the best, friends and colleagues who, unconditionally offered their help and support in my hours of need.

Spending my childhood in a country that granted dominance to men over women, I regretfully, attempted to fit in by acquiring the same attitude toward women. As I grew older and wiser, I began to realize the fundamental role that women played in my life.

Without stating the obvious, women are the nuclei of our existence and the moral fiber of our society. Without them, our race will cease to exist. Through history, they tremendously contributed to the development of our civilizations.

As mothers, they nurture their children and patiently guiding them toward becoming responsible adults. As wives, they spend their entire lives creating comfortable homes for their husbands. As professionals, they exert their best efforts to be equal participants in the advancement of our economy. As friends, they sacrifice their time to cement our friendships.

On the eighth of March, we, all, humbly and authentically, should pay our overdue respect for, and express our gratitude toward, the women in our lives whether they are mothers, wives, sisters, friends, colleagues or daughters.
Take few moments of your precious time to celebrate the occasion with your significant other by bringing her a bouquet of her favorite flowers. If you are fortunate enough to have your mother alive, invite her to a well-deserved dinner at her choice of a dinning establishment. Offer your heartfelt wishes to your women friends and colleagues.

As for yours truly, I am sad that I don’t have the opportunity to express my eternal gratitude and profound love toward my deceased mother. Nevertheless, I shall celebrate the occasion with my beloved wife.

Author's Bio: 

Thabet Sava Hassan is an author, poet and educator teaching and residing in China. He published three books and hundreds of articles in China, Canada and the USA.