Flowers are the integral part of our life. Most of the time flowers remain abandoned and not so taken into notice unless these look bloomy. But flowers itself cannot create a heaven for us. We need to take care of flowers. Flowers can give so much to human being that these can bring sensitivity to our existence and one can feel so much importance for one’s self. Flowers are the natural gifts to us. God has given us this nature with full of flowers as a present to us for being a human being. Flowers are in lots of varieties and of many types. One can enjoy having any kind of bouquet of flowers for his beloved ones.

Flowers bring drastic changes to human feelings just instantly. These change human thinking, if not permanently, then at least, for a while. These bring calmness and diverts mind from the entire present situation and makes one feel more relaxing and soothing. Some flowers have beautiful fragrance, some have beautiful colors, some have beautiful shapes and some are simply beautiful. But one thing is sure flowers represent the beauty on earth. It’s a fact that the first beauty created on the earth was the flower; a formation that doesn’t take anything but only gives pleasure to all human senses. Flowers, with their relationship with beauty and nature have been used as brainwave for all inspirations of art, and have displayed an essential part in the enlargement of human society.

Flowers could be the best gift in busy schedules. Flowers carry happiness in everyone's life and presenting those flowers is finest idea. A bouquet of flowers as a gift is a perfect thought on special days like a marriage of a friend or some kind of other occasions. You can also gift to your mother or father on anniversary. One should give some more gifts as starting a day with fresh flowers for loved ones as it actually gives lots of happiness to them.
We feel bright with flowers because these are so beautiful and striking as it creates such a great surrounding. People do a great hard work to grow flowers because it's not easy to bring flowers to a presenting position, but if they successful to do, they feel very good. Floral art has also created the heritage of many famous painters, and continues to be one of the most popular categories of art.
So which ones are most often painted? While there is no formal survey, generally it's the same list of beautiful flowers used for other reasons. However artist over a long period have centered towards certain varieties when painting their works of art. Roses are purely the most eminent flower in history. They have represented many feelings as love, ceremony, death, and infinite other human endeavors.
So, flowers are the natural gift which comes first in mind when presenting a gift.

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