A glimmer of hope can be an expression on your face, your hand reaching out to someone, a kind word, or a warm embrace. A glimmer of hope is any sign, no matter how small, that things will get better. A glimmer of hope is a prayer, a positive thought or action moving out of a negative place and into a positive.

A glimmer of hope lies deep within all of us. It is brought to the surface during times of struggle. It is that thought that comes to mind and says, “You can do this,” “You can change this situation.” When you have a strong faith in God, your religion, and yourself, you can feel the hope. It changes from a state of hopelessness to a state of being hopeful.

There is one commonality between us all, hope. It doesn’t matter the circumstance, time has no bearing on this either. Hope is the common denominator whether someone is applying for a job, or someone is trying to find a place to live, or if someone has hope, and they offer hope to others.

As we give and receive love, we also give and receive hope. We open our hearts and our minds to allow grateful thoughts in so we also can sympathize with the person that is holding onto hope. A glimmer of hope; sometimes that is all we have, sometimes that is all we can offer, and sometimes that is all we need.

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