If you make a donation you can make a difference to the most vulnerable in this terrible pandemic sweeping the world. COVID-19 is responsible for more than 400,000 deaths and 213 countries are affected. Right now over 7 million infected people and that number just keeps rising. This Coronavirus Appeal from Support a Child Project is about having a real impact. With your donations, we are dedicated to saving lives.

Giving health and hygiene care where needed

We live in a world where we are strongly being encouraged to keep our distance. Wash hands, wear a mask, stay apart. Some of us are lucky. We can follow these guidelines and keep ourselves and loved ones safe and do our part to slow the spread of the virus in our community. But some people live in crowded conditions, have no access to running water, have no income to buy things like soap and masks. These people who are most at risk are not just in countries far away. There are communities of people living where you do. Let's stop pretending they do not exist. Let's reach out. Save lives, with one donation right now to the Coronavirus Appeal.

Better efforts achieved when we focus together

As scientists and doctors around the world focus on healing and developing a vaccine, we need to focus together on supporting those who need it the most. Cities are seeing homeless and low-income families struggling. Packed together, no income, not able to feed themselves, not able to maintain a social distance or maintain basic hygiene efforts. Across the world, there are camps full of refugees at risk for the same reasons. Crowded camps where people have been forced from their homes or had to flee. Communities vary around the world in their needs and situation but the needs are the same. Together we can help them. The proper health and hygiene are key in our Coronavirus Appeal.

Help a child project

Our staff are on the ground in communities that need us. But we desperately need your help to provide the items they need to boost their chances of survival. Children are suffering. As the virus impacts more and more of us, this is the time to step up. But we need money and supplies and that comes from you. Your donation to our Coronavirus Appeal could be a large and generous one and for people who can make such gifts, we thank you. But we also want you who might not have as much, but you have enough. Your children have food, feel safe, you are isolating, you are educated. If you gave just $20 that will add up. Our work, the success we have, the lives we save are from all donations, big and small. We thank you too.

Delivering aid is a challenge

Delivering aid is a challenge but it is one we are ready to face with your support today. We are ready to adapt to the needs of the communities we support. Every little light we shine helps and we can get through this. With better containment in our vulnerable communities, we can help the health system and slow those numbers ever-increasing right now. Please donate today. Coronavirus Appeal.

Author's Bio: 

This article is penned by Lora Davis. Lora is currently doing her bit to raise awareness about the Coronavirus pandemic. I have written this article on behalf of Help A Child Charity who are raising funds to help kids survive the pandemic.

You too can do your bit, make a small £5 donation here.