I have a great experience as a wedding photographer in India for more than a decade of taking pictures of happy couples and their families. I have come into this field due to my fascination with photography and my desire to improve it through constant testing as well as utilising new equipment. Thanks to my diligence and commitment to my work, I am now considered as one of the top wedding photographers in Udaipur.

Thanks to my profession, I have travelled all over India and outside too to click some of the most beautiful pre-wedding as well as wedding photography. If you want to make a career as a wedding photographer, then you need to work on both the technical aspect as well as the artistic view of your work. Wedding photography is quite distinct from wildlife photography, advertisement photography and others. The reason being in wedding photography you not only have to click an imagebut also try to capture the mood of that image. This type of photography is known as candid photography.

As one of the most experienced candid wedding photographers in Udaipur, I will advise that you should try to blend in with the crowd to get the best shot possible. You should never attract the attention of the bride, groom or the guests, but should mix with them casually and look for the right moment to click a photograph that will show them interacting quite naturally and not posing for your camera. You should also be careful about the lighting and how to utilise it in a manner that will suit your purpose of clicking the picture that you desire. Just as you need to work on remaining in the background while taking candid photos. You also need to regularly change your photography strategy, equipment and post photo editing so that your work constantly evolve and remains exciting.

Beside taking wedding photographs, you can also do destination photography, which is more lucrative and gives you the chance to go to exotic locations. At present, there is a great demand for destination wedding photographers in Goa, so if you like to travel and want to explore new places, then you can pursue this path as a lucrative career option. Lastly, however expensive your camera or lenses might be, it always comes down to your own skill as a photographer to take amazing shots. Therefore, never rest on your laurels. But always keep improving your skills to remain the best in the field.

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