It had been a rough twenty-four hours for Mom, Dad, Lisa, and myself worrying about Ace. He had run away from home! Mom and I got down on our knees to pray for divine intervention. None of us realized just what Ace was dealing with after he graduated from high school. He started college, lived in the dorms, but eventually had to return home as failure. Somehow, Ace had developed some kind of rash covering more of his body and was shaking like a leaf. Mom managed to get an appointment with his neurologist. Upon witnessing Ace’s condition, the neurologist immediately recommended a number of tests. These tests never determined what was the cause of Ace’s problem; except for a bad case of nerves.

Eventually, the rash disappeared and Ace stopped shaking like a leaf. Once when Ace appeared better was when Father expected Ace to do something with his life, other than play video games. Father had a heart-to-heart chat with Ace that backfired. A week later, Ace was gone!
Lisa called the police department wanting to complete a missing person’s report. Since she wasn’t the parent, the police officer spoke with Mom. She became very uncomfortable when the officer assumed that Ace had a few loose screws missing because of having a documented disability; despite her effort in providing the officer Ace’s detailed diagnosis about his condition. This officer was convinced that Ace was mentally-deranged and was existing on a few IQ points above the vegetative state. In my mind, I imagined the following announcement on the six o’clock news, “WARNING! WARNING! If you see this man stay away from him and immediately call the crime line, Lock-U-Up!”

I decided to visit Ace’s online chat room to ask for help. Surprisingly, Ace was the new owner of the chart room with a current membership of 75 individuals. I was shocked! Ace had mentioned about starting his own chat group, but I did not know he had actually succeeded! I began to realize I did not know him at all!

I decided to infiltrate Ace’s chat group to discover if someone knew his whereabouts. Sure enough, someone knew! Ace had taken a bus to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was going to meet up with someone from his chat group. Oh! No! I was really afraid for my brother! What is this person was some kind of serial killer?

For some unexplained reason, Mom decided to send an email to Ace. I thought it was a crazy idea, since Ace didn’t bring with him a laptop or a cell phone. Several hours later, Mom checked her email and Ace had communicated back. He had made it to Fort Lauderdale and was inside a public library. He had purchased a returned bus ticket and was waiting to return to the bus station.

The person he was supposed to meet did show up at the bus station, but took off when he realized that Ace was not some small kid, but a big, tall man.

Of course, Ace was not some dimwitted individual who didn’t know the dangers of being by oneself. He saw a public library nearby along with a Subway restaurant. He purchased a sandwich with something to drink and then went to the public library. Once there, he decided to check his email and that’s when he saw the email from Mom. Ace looked up the bus schedule, how much it cost to return back home. He had brought enough money with him to pay for the return ticket. He sat in the library, until it was close to the time to purchase a ticket to return home.

My brother did learn a valuable lesson in running away from home. He wanted so badly to fit in. He wanted to go back to college, get a degree, and have a career. Who wouldn’t? But, in order to live his dream, he would need to make a change in his diet along with taking a green food supplement.

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Kelley Curl is a graduate from Radford University with a degree in criminal justice and martial arts. She works in the field of education and is also a hair care/beauty consultant.
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