Mom had heard about a tiny green plant when Ace started middle school. He wanted to do a research project about the space station. They’d read about the need to grow spirulina on board for oxygen and as a food source. Since spirulina grew so quickly and is easy to maintain, it was a perfect food choice. Mom and Ace never knew in their wildest dreams, they would actually add this amazing, tiny green plant into their diet. It wasn’t until Mom began researching for a natural product that would remove toxic chemicals from one’s body caused by vaccines (which may cause signs of autism) she stumbled across spirulina. Unknown to many people, spirulina is used to remove mercury embedded in the ocean’s floor.

In addition, spirulina is known for harvesting energy from the sun and containing bioavailability of nutrients. It began at the creation of life and provides the oxygen for all life forms to evolve. Its immortal life has renewed itself for all of our existence and contains everything life needs to go forward.

It’s the foods we consume along with what we drink that are our only defense against the negative effects of lifestyle stress, pollution, radiation, and toxic chemicals. However, this amazing, small green plant contains the most powerful combination of nutrients ever known in any other food.

Spirulina is a superfood having more beta carotene than carrots. It has a rare essential fatty acid known as gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which is found in mother’s milk. It is rich in iron, magnesium, trace minerals, highest source of B-12, rich in calcium, has phytonutrients, and an abundance of chlorophyll.
As many know, chlorophyll is a natural cleanser, often referred to as nature’s green magic. We need chlorophyll to rid our bodies of toxins and impurities.

Mom decided to purchase spirulina in powdered form from, since our local health food store didn’t have any in stock. She went with the brand from NOW Foods, because it had a high rating from consumers and purchased it from (a discount warehouse). Mom used the coupon code, BER298, to save a little more money.
Mom mixed the powdered spirulina in water for her and Ace to drink. I remember what a mess it made. There was green everywhere! They started consuming this substance in January 2007.

During that time period, a contagious flu was circulating around our local area and everyone was getting sick. Now, I was just plain lucky not to get sick, too. Mom only needed two days in bed along with drinking the green mixture and was back on her feet.

After getting sick, Mom became more and more convinced that spirulina was the miracle cure she was looking for in helping Ace to function better. He just wasn’t going to make it. Ace suffered from mild cerebral palsy and pervasive developmental disorder. I understood what it meant to have a disability, because I had to learn to make adjustments as one living with glaucoma and photophobia. So, if anyone understood what my brother was experiencing as trying to fit into society, I did!

Now, one would never believe what happened when Ace and Mom began taking this supplement as guinea pigs.

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