You must have heard about Hoverboard. We live in the world where we come across new inventions almost daily. These new inventions are a great way to enjoy and simplify complicated life processes. Science has its magic. Yes, it is undoubtedly true, as the Hoverboard or you can say self-balancing scooters is one such invention.
The hoverboard is a two-wheeled, portable, electronic device which functions like a powered skateboard consisting of a platform for the rider which is situated between two wheels powered by lithium-ion batteries. The hoverboard is the new craze in self-propelled mobility trending day by day. The user is able to stand upright and drive forward with a little bit of practice. The system of hoverboard requires a few components to work in sync to provide the right amount of power output and manage the tilts to support the rider stay upright and move carefully at a controlled speed. The components are –

o Gyroscope (adjusts the angle of the board to maintain balance)

o Microprocessors (regulate the power output to the wheels)

o Battery (electrical powerhouse of the scooter)

• Motor (provides wheels with the power to balance the rider carefully)
It is important to choose a hoverboard carefully as there are instances of a few accidents with the hoverboard. There are many types of hoverboard available in the markets ranging in prices and qualities. Hence, here is a quick list of things to consider while choosing the best hoverboard.
Choose from Brands & Battery Check
The first thing to consider while choosing a hoverboard is the safety of the rider. Once you have decided to invest in buying a hoverboard, make you choose a branded hoverboard which is not associated with any hoverboard accidents, as there have been instances of hoverboard accidents of the explosion of a hoverboard due to a faulty battery or faulty heat sink systems or oversized batteries.
Speed is Yet a Major Concern While You're Buying it For Your Kids
Some of the best hoverboards have speeds ranging from 2-10 mph. There is hoverboard available with the speed 12 mph. Please make sure never to buy a hoverboard for children below 4 years of age. The children above 4 years of age are allowed to ride a hoverboard, even though there are chances of the danger of hurting them badly.
It is the speed and acceleration of the hoverboard which can be extremely risky for children. It is advisable for students who weigh 15kg above, check and test a hoverboard before buying as there is hoverboard which cannot accommodate people above 100kg
Quality Check
Some of the best hoverboards are of high quality. It is important to check the housing and body material, internal motors, type of wheels (plastic or metallic), and sensors of a hoverboard before buying. It is advisable to buy a durable and sturdy product made by the good quality of material which is strong and long-lasting.
How Quickly It Charge the Battery
The fourth point is the charging time. The hoverboard which takes a large amount of time in charging, it is advisable to acquire that very hoverboard. The power of the battery limits the distance you will run and your speed. The people who are patient with the charging time of this self-transportation tool can go at a longer distance. The charging time is only two hours which gives six hours if riding time.
Check the Wheel Size
The seventh point to consider is the wheel size of the hoverboard. There are mainly three hoverboard wheel sizes to pick from (6.5 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches). The smaller wheel hoverboard is easy to carry due to its less weight and small size.
The small wheels limit hoverboard to areas with smooth, wide and flat surfaces only. The hoverboard with 10-inch wheel provides with a softer ride on various kinds of platforms and surfaces, even on rough terrain. The kids who like to do tricks and stuff should opt for the smaller wheel size (6.5). If you need a hoverboard for transportation purposes, then you can choose for 10-inch wheel hoverboard.
Price Always A Major Factor
The price of hoverboard also depends on its features, function, sophistication, quality and much more things. Hoverboard with stronger frames, remote control, with keychain mechanism, dual motors, and Bluetooth connectivity are much more expensive in nature compared to standard hoverboard which has basic and safe structure.
Banned Countries
The last thing is to keep a check is it legal to use hoverboard in your country or not. There are some countries which are still not allowing hoverboard.
There are two types of hoverboard such as-
1. Standard Hoverboard - The standard hoverboard is perfect for playing around. There work excellent on smooth surfaces, but these models can falter when it comes to rough pavement, cracks, or any off-road terrain. They are available in a variety of colors and are compatible with a third-party collaborator, and some of the hoverboards have extra features like Bluetooth speakers.
2. Off-road or commuter hoverboard - These hoverboards are meant for more serious riders. These hoverboards are built with typically larger batteries and have a much longer range. These models are more adaptable when it comes to handling rougher terrain with their larger tires, and are much more comfortable to ride for extended periods of time.
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