Success is the dream of every entrepreneur. Small businesses especially who are traditional in nature find it very difficult to scale in todays digital times. The gen next is one who takes charge of business growth with the online marketing model and in many cases they fail as they are not aware of the strategies for success. The opportunity of e-commerce is drawing offline traditional companies who lost the chance of online exposure. With the shift to e-commerce both organisations and consumers stand to gain. Even though competition is fierce, digital marketing's advantages mean good tidings for most businesses willing to adapt to the new digital marketing world.

The digital media era presents small and medium enterprises with multiple opportunities of marketing to a diverse base of consumers. There are 100s of digital advertising channels in addition to search and social media platforms. Digital marketing is the way forward for brand awareness, customer lead generation, online sales and growth

Can digital marketing help all small businesses? Absolutely. Check out the points below and you will be prepared to go digital.

Step 1 - create your online presence with a proper website

First you need to have your store online. A 24x7 salesman to do your bidding to online visitors. It's after you make your website that you turn to digital marketing to build you online business with the help of digital marketing channels.

In your website ensure to control the narrative. It's the content that prospects and influencers will read or watch on your website and you need to ensure the information is communicated perfectly. You might want to consider hiring a content writing agency to get your content in order.

Remember if the content convinces and clicks with the website visitors, they will start getting interested and social sharing can get viral enough to get your organic business. Visibility may not always come easily like it does for big companies who have deep pockets but that does not mean you will not grow.

Go get that website first.

Remember Content is the key that opens many locks.

With being Small comes the ability to experiment and change tracks if things don't work out your way. With learnings from digital campaigns you can optimise your presence and do better. Good digital marketing is a result of experiments that lead to effective campaigns and success over the years. Do note that the consumption of content on digital media has been increasing day by day and especially due to covid as consumers want to keep themselves updated. Videos on Youtube, Epapers, Newsletters from mainstream news sites, influencer blogs, Social infographic posts form the critical content marketing mix.

Consider a trend - companies in businesses such as fashion and travel have adapted to Instagram and other new social media channels and the result has been growth and profits for them as the visual impact of Instagram works better for them.

Therefore Small business owners have the opportunity to reach their specific target audience and benefit by improving their digital presence using social platforms. Engaging people is the order of the day - use Contests, polls, promotions to gain visibility and organic traffic.

It's not always about Paid Media - SEO is now a critical part of growth

Sure, Paid media is instant but comes with its cost implications. To mitigate the high cost of sales from paid media you must turn to the low cost avenue of SEO. It’s a battle for the best position on the search results page no doubt; and it is a long and arduous battle which must be fought to get lower cost of sales.

Do you know that Large and small companies alike, all compete to be found on search engines. Search engine optimization - SEO, a strategic opportunity involves using website technicals, tags, and link building opportunities on the web to gain in popularity and search rankings.

It is well known that the process of ranking is time consuming and hence business must turn to paid media in the interim to ensure visibility, leads and sales. Among the top paid media today is Google Ads with its cost per click model which allows highly relevant targeting metrics for advertising on google search results. The search ads are smartly positioned at the top and bottom of each search results page creating a high visibility scenario for business to grab the users attention..

SMBs who have limited budgets can use smaller amounts of Google Ads and invest resources in an SEO agency to gain in the long run. This strategy is common and hence the competition on search engines for the top rankings is high.

Use Digital Marketing to garner views, reviews and credibility.

Whether it's you or me or any online buyer, prospective buyers will look for opinions and reviews from users before taking the final decision. Goes without saying that in today's world, reviews are an indicator of the company’s faith in its products and processes. This gives the consumers confidence, leads to loyalty and thus marketing by word of mouth and positive reviews. This proof is beneficial to any business willing to investing in digital marketing to maintain an impeccable reputation. Using professionals is the best bet for small business, especially they should not ignore the fact that content skills are not everybody's cup of tea. A content writing agency is a must have in the vendor list of all small business.

Hope this helped you understand the need for and the benforts of digital marketing communication for your business. Now, go on, grow your business with digital marketing!

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Hi, im tushar, im a digital marketing expert from india. i started out as a content writer, and i still continue to be one. I hope you like it!