A Guide For Your
Inner Child
By: Brittany
What is an inner child? Do you remember who you were at a young age? Can you picture the little child you once were? Think about how that little child looked and how that little child felt. Were you scared? Were you excited? Were you lost? Did you need a hug? Did you need an adult? That little child still resides in you. That little child needs your attention, love, guidance, and so much more. You want to be a comfort to your inner child. You want them to thrive and be encouraged. This guide will bring you closer to your inner child and help you heal in a deep way.
You must accept your inner child. When you accept them, you treat them with kindness, love, and respect. Accepting your inner child is a part of accepting who you are.
Make yourself available to your inner child. Spend time with them. Think about them or meditate with them in mind. Talk to them and be there for them.
Be as bold as a toddler who runs around in just their diaper. I’m not saying to do that exactly. However, I am saying feel like that. Feel that shameless freedom. Feel brave and don’t care what anyone thinks.
Know that your inner child is brilliant. Tell them that they are bright, smart, and their brilliance shines.
Your inner child needs care. It needs self-care. You must take care of your inner child. Feed them praise, love, and positivity.
Your inner child needs loving cuddles. Wrap them in loving arms. Do this either mentally or physically wrap yourself in a hug. Cuddles are important.
You know how determined a 2 year old child is? They often do exactly what they want when they want regardless of what their parents say. You have determination within you. Your inner child is bursting with it. Set it free and follow your instincts. Your instincts will guide you on the path that your inner child needs.
Your inner child needs encouragement. In order to do their best, they need support and praise. Be sure to flood them with loving encouragement.
Do things that you and your inner child enjoy doing. Feed your soul! Sing, dance, color, paint, enjoy nature, or do whatever it is that you love doing. Many hobbies fit in here.
Your inner child craves excitement. Do things that spark excitement deep within you. Throw parties, go out to dinner, or have a night at the movies. Make your life exciting.
Just like all children, your inner child needs fun. Listen to them and do what they/you think is fun. Make time for fun everyday.
Play games. There are so many to choose from. Group up with friends and play “Tag” or a board game. It’s still just as fun as when you were a child and your inner child craves fun.
Just like all children, your inner child needs to grow. What makes them grow is love, support, encouragement, positivity, and everything else mentioned in this book. You grow when they grow.
Horse Play-
Horse play is also known as rough housing. Do you remember play wrestling and tackling eachother as a child? Do that now. So you might get some bumps and bruises. It’ll be fun.
Just like a toddler, your inner child craves independance. You are truly all you need. You are strong and capable. You can master skills to become independant. You got this and you will reward your inner child.
Jump For Joy-
Jump! Yes, jump. It’s fun. Yell “Hooray!” Be excited. Trust me, it’ll do you and your inner child good. Trampolines are awesome. Use your bed! Be like a child again and just jump around.
Your inner child needs kindness. Turn negative thoughts away and bring in positive thoughts. When you put yourself down, you are also putting down your inner child. Imagine your inner child when you think of yourself. You wouldn’t put a child down and talk to them harshly so don’t do it to yourself. Treat yourself with kindness.
Laughing is good. Laugh often. Jokes, memes, videos, or comedies can be used to crack up to. Find a reason to laugh. Big belly laughs are beneficial so utilize your laugh muscles.
Love is essential to your inner child. Cultivate self-love. Tell your inner child that you love them. Treat them lovingly. Do not hinder them or put them down. Raise them up and be proud of them. Love yourself and love them.
Look into the mirror through the eyes of your inner child. Look at yourself with wonder and smiles. A baby, or child, does not look into the mirror with resentment or judgement. They look into the mirror with awe and they smile or laugh. Do this often. The mirror could be an enemy or your best friend. When I look in the mirror, I see eyes that see the beauty of the world, cheeks that hold the kisses of my children, and lips that speak kindness and love into the world.
Be a mother, or a father, to your inner child. Love and guide them. Be there for them and never leave them to fend for themselves. They need you and you need them.
Your inner child craves nurturing. You need to care about and encourage your inner child to grow and develop. Teach your inner child new things by learning new things yourself.
Feed your inner child opportunities to change, grow, and become a well-rounded child within. Thus, you will change, grow, and become a well-rounded individual. Take opportunities as they come or make opportunities happen.
Play with your inner child. Mentally play peek-a-boo with them. Play stimulates your inner child. Children use play to explore their world. You have a lot of unexplored world. Play and play often.

Quilt represents comfort. Your inner child needs comforting. Wrap them in a warm, fuzzy blanket physically or mentally. Tuck your inner child in every night and you will find that you sleep better.
Run around. Play “Tag”. Play “Chase”. Have fun. Get a group together and play like children. Your inner child craves it. Release the energy. I play “Tag” with my children.
Your inner child has deep impacted strength. Tell them that they are strong, capable, able, and have immense strength. Soon, you will feel stronger, more able, and capable.
Your inner child needs support and encouragement from you. Support your inner child’s dreams, wishes, and desires. Fulfill those for them and for you.
Your inner child wants to learn and needs to learn new things. Open your mind. Enrich your brain. Learn a new topic, hobby, or interest. The internet holds an immense amount of free information to learn. Utilize it. Knowledge is power
Just like you, your inner child is unique. You both are very special and one-of-a-kind. Embrace this idea. You matter and so does your inner child. Be yourself. Be truly who you are. Never worry what others think of you. You are the only you that there is ever going to be.
Flowers are beautiful, awe inspiring, and have gorgeous scents. Children pick flowers, smell flowers, and play with flowers. Do this, also. Take time to admire something as simple as a flower.
Look at everything with wonder. Children see all things with awe and wonder. Your perspective can change into that. See through your inner child’s eyes when you look at the world. Notice the beauty and awe all around you. See the brilliant colors, shapes, and designs.
Go to extremes sometimes. Scream and yell into your pillows. Have a tantrum. Throw pillows around. Or, shout “WooHoo!” and “Hooray!”. Get excited and be loud! Your inner child will love it. You will love it.
Learn how to yearn again. Yearn for goals, cake, parties, excitement, learning, and everything your heart desires. Then, fulfill it. Figure out what your inner child is yearning for and then do that!
Visit the zoo and other outings. Go to the beach, museums, parks, nature trails, and anywhere you desire. Make days of exploration and learning. Focus on details. Read plaques wherever you go. Learn and explore. Your inner child craves these adventures.

Author's Bio: 

Brittany Gunderson is an author of self-help, Inspiration, Domestic Violence Awareness, Suicide Awareness, Poetry, and Young Adult Fiction.

She is currently studying Psychology in College.