This article will help you take note of the various precautions you should ideally follow while planning your interstate removals plan during the Covid-19 outbreak.

An interstate move is always a stressful affair. But with the Novel Coronavirus taking a great toll on our normal life course, it has become even more complicated and panicking to relocate your home during this situation.

To plan a home removal, you need to be sure of a number of things including packing all your belongings, procuring packing supplies, hiring the removal company, insuring all your belongings, loading, and unloading them, and much more. However, with the Covid-19 outbreak, you need to consider another list of precautions including proper sanitisation, social distancing, lockdown regulations, and much more. So, the first and foremost thing which you should consider doing is availing skilled assistance of an interstate removal service provider who can be your ultimate guide in relocating all your belongings safely during these times of distress.

Following here are some significant aspects to focus on which, will help you plan an efficient, systematic, and safer interstate relocation during Covid-19.

Is it essential to move interstate now?

First and foremost, try to figure out whether it is really essential for you to move at this point of time or not. In case there’s no other option for you other than relocating your home, you must ensure of having proper access to the crucial services which will help you relocate. Although in many cities or states, governments have declared all ‘non-essential’ businesses to be temporarily closed, the service providers of removals in Sydney are being considered to be essential and hence, are operating across all states.

If there’s even a slight possibility of being flexible with your moving date, you should consider waiting.

What precautions are taken by your removal service provider for Covid-19?

It is important to check the Covid-19 policy undertaken by the removalist you’re planning to hire. In most of the cases, reputable companies have prepared their own Covid-19 rules and regulations to operate safely during the pandemic. Make sure all the employees including ground-level staff and higher officials are serious about wearing masks, maintaining proper sanitisation and physical distancing. They must also check the body temperature of their employees regularly. For any kind of concern related to their Covid-19 policy, feel free to discuss with them for your safety.

What precautions should you follow while moving interstate during Covid-19?

Now, if you have decided to pause your interstate move for while then that’s perfectly alright. But, in case it’s not possible for you to postpone the moving date, you must follow a number of precautions for moving your home safely to a different state.

• Try to organise an online meeting with your potential housemates to know each other prior to relocating in your new place.

• In case you are inspecting your new property, try maintaining good hygiene and social distancing, and wearing masks at all times.

• Use Google Maps for a virtual stroll through your potential neighbourhood for checking out the local amenities.

• Removalists must always keep hand sanitisers in the transporting vehicle and use it on frequent basis.

• Avoid touching your face while unpacking the moving boxes and wash your hands thoroughly after you have unboxed all of them.

• As a customer, it’s better not to assist the staff of the removal company during the move. Instead, please always maintain a 2 meter distance with the removalists during the relocation.

• Ask your removalists to take a virtual tour of your home and quote a price accordingly.

• Try to pre-pack all your belongings properly by investing sufficient time. This will help you to reduce the chances of contact with removalists.

• Cancel your interstate moving plan in case you are not feeling well and get yourself tested at the earliest.

Final thoughts!

Interstate removals during the Covid-19 outbreak is stressful and worrisome indeed. But with experienced and responsible removalists to guide you, the task become much organised indeed. Hence, always seek professional help of removal experts for ensuring that everything is done with utmost precision and care.

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The author is a leading provider of residential and commercial removals in Sydney. With years of hands-on experience, he offers customised solutions to clients and also writes blogs during his free time on various topics including interstate removals and more.