Education either formal or informal as we all know is a medium of knowledge transfer at different levels and stages of life. This medium of knowledge transfer have existed for ages, though may vary in the way it is carried out in different parts of the world. But one thing is common and that is "knowledge transfer".

In our modern world today some people aim at getting the highest level of education, some aim at getting less and move over to gaining what is called practical or working experience, while some others go straight away to gain working experience.
The question is; In the long run, which works out better in our present society?
Unemployment rate is rising in most part of the world, not because there are not enough employers, but other questions we never ask is; why is this happening? What are these employers looking for?

We know economical issues can cause unemployment but there is also this issue that lies between education and working experience. The aim of an employer is to increase productivity, maximize profit, spend less on labor and training which is fair enough, but this also decides the fate of the highly educated hunting for jobs, less educated with experience hunting for jobs and the highly experienced but never educated also hunting for jobs.

At the end of the day people under the third category end up getting employed easily followed by the second category. People under the very first category would count themselves very very lucky to grab an opportunity out there. Considering the employers criteria and goal should they be blamed for the fate of the unlucky ones? (NO).

Education is perfectly good, working or practical experience is also good, but a balance between both would be a recommended choice. That is why there are internship programs aimed at delivering working experience to students, a pause in education to gain a working experience is also a perfect idea.

At the end of the day most people dream to get educated in order to gain employment or become an entrepreneur but experience in whatever field you are into plays an important role in your life and can determine how successful you will be. Ignoring this may be a good choice to you but a balance between both is a better choice.

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