It is unnecessary to say the importance of an air conditioner. But when it comes to installing and maintaining AC, many of us get easily confused and find ourselves in dire need of guidance. This article may help you understand installing and maintaining your AC a little better.

Installing an AC

The first thing you need to realise that installing an AC is never a layman's job. It would help if you regularly had a professional hand when it comes to installing an AC. Air conditioning companies in Berkshire insists on the professional installation of ACs to avoid any accidents. If you are not trained in installing an AC, then you should never attempt to do so.

You will find a guide, but there are many things that only a technician understands. So, leave the job to a professional, and you can concentrate on supervising them.

Maintenance of AC

Regular maintenance of your AC may save you from a lot of future problems. Care extends your machine's longevity and protects you from shedding extra money in repairing service. Here is how you can do your Ac maintenance-

•Cleaning air filters-Filters of your AC get clogged due to dirt, resulting in reduced chillier airflow. Lesser cooler airflow means a decreased cooler environment, and you wouldn't like that. To avoid such kind of problem, you need to clean the air filter of your AC regularly.

•Clean condensate drain- Clogged condensate pipe needs to be unclogged, or you might find a leaky air conditioner.

•Professional service- Get a regular professional maintenance service to keep your AC in optimal condition.

•Clean evaporator coil- Dirt penetrates through the filter and deposit on the coil; this may result in lesser heat absorption in the coil. That's why cleaning the evaporator coil is necessary.

•Cover the compressor when unused- When you are not using your AC, try keeping the compressor placed outside covered. Covering the compressor will keep the dust away.

AC is relatively easy to maintain. You need to be regular in your AC maintenance for better service.

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