Carrying a baby in your womb for nine months and eventually bringing the baby home is a beautiful experience. However, what follows after this can be exhilarating and exhausting. I know the feeling that every mother has when they know they have a little being to take care of. This shows that as a responsible mom, you should at all costs arm yourself with all the tips and tricks of ensuring your child has all that she needs.

To make this a reality, you have to buy all the newborn staff, which can be expensive and particularly daunting. It’s even worse when you have no information whatsoever on how to get started. Today, we will guide every first time mom out there on what clothes to buy and how to go about it.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Newborn Baby Clothes

While you are buying newborn baby clothes, there are several things you should keep in your mind. Here, we have a list of all the things you should bear in mind before you go for that newborn baby clothes you have seen online or in the streets.

Never go for Designer clothes

You may consider this statement not instrumental, but the fact is designers and baby clothing manufacturers are already aware of the increasing demand for baby clothes. So, they will try to raise the price as high as possible. Although you want to dress your baby in the best clothes, the baby will outgrow them very fast. This means all those tiny versions of clothes will become a waste. With that in mind, buying designer clothes is like throwing your money out the window.


I don’t see any discussion here, babies just like grownups want the super comfortable outfits. The baby will not smile because of wearing the most expensive clothes but will cry relentlessly while in uncomfortable clothes. This shows you should take special consideration in the comfort of the clothes you are buying.

How long they sleep

Did you know newborns sleep a lot? Now that you know and make it a point to buy them comfortable pajamas and overalls, not just outfits.

Be careful of gifts

It is usual for people to come forward and reward you for being a first time mom. You will receive gifts from people who have never been parents, your boyfriends, and girlfriends back in school and workmates. Although this is not a bad thing, you should be very careful; otherwise, you will cloth your baby with the most uncomfortable outfits on earth.


Newborns are not the same size. Some of them are bigger, and so you will have to bear that in mind before you settle for any type of cloths. As I had stated above, babies will outgrow the outfits very fast. It’s up to you to buy them clothes based on the weight and age chart.

What should you have?

There are several things you should opt for when preparing for your little angel. Here is a list of all the basic clothes that your baby should have from the point she sees the first light. Although I have provided numbers for each item, just bear in mind they are estimates for guidance purposes.

2-4 infants’ gowns

These are actually what you should opt for immediately your baby arrives. Stick with them until the baby’s cord stump falls off. I usually think that this is the best of all methods of keeping the baby’s cord clean and irritation-free. Additionally, these gowns allow easy diaper access and at the same time, provide the baby with maximum warmth and coverage.

Bodysuits and onesies

When you are buying these, please look for the ones with loose legs and wide head openings. The motive behind it is the ease of putting on and off. The fact is that it can be very traumatic for the baby and the mom to put clothes over the head. This shows that the wider the legs openings and the head openings, the better. The wisest decision, in this case, is to look for clothes that avoid tight contacts with the head and soft legs.

Vests or undershirts

It’s also beneficial for you to include vests on your newborn clothing shopping list. While you are shopping, pay attention to the head and shoulder openings. Make sure they are wide and will never strain the baby as you put on. Additionally, the undershirts you choose should snap under the crotch.


Newborn babies also need 4-8 one-piece pajamas. Pajamas are the best daytime clothing that you should go for in all cases, especially if you stay at home with the baby most of the time.

At least 2 Blanket sleepers

You should as well consider buying at least two blanket sleepers because they are safer than normal blankets. However, you should substantially avoid anything with drawstrings and strangulation hazards.

Jackets and sweaters

Every parent would consider buying at least 1-3 jackets or sweaters for the newborn baby. However, ensure they don’t have loose buttons or flowers that can be hazardous to the child. You also have to make sure the buttons are in front because children spend most of their time asleep on the back, which can be uncomfortable.

Other dress-up outfits

I wouldn’t say this item is the least in our list today, but there's the need to ensure you buy at least three rompers for the newborn baby. They are not very necessary, and so you can buy them if you are very motivated and have the energy to do so.

Being a new mom doesn’t mean you waste a lot of your time and drain your banks looking for the best newborn clothes. Today, there are many online retail shops with free deliveries and plenty of discounts to take advantage of. To buy the best clothes for your babies, visit mommas love

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