Because there are so many  business-to-business telemarketing companies around UK, it is very essential to select the 100% focused one.  You need to be confident that they will represent your company in a professional manner, and you need to be sure that they will strengthen your company's brand.  Selection is often difficult, tiring and time consuming process.   However, there is quite a wide number of criteria that would help you determine a suitable agency for you.

When you set about choosing your b2b telemarketing agency, you need as much knowledge as possible to make the best possible decision.

First, you need to consider the reputation of the company in the industry.   It is important to find out if they are a member of any consumer protection agencies like the Better Business Bureau, and if they have been featured in any publications in recognition for their work.  Their previous accomplishments will ensure you of quality performance and increase your confidence of making them as your inside staff.  

The second thing you need to know is the specialisation of people they employ. The telemarketing agency should have seasoned telemarketing professionals who have many years of experience in telesales.  There are telemarketing agencies that only provide services like data cleaning and surveys, so it is very necessary to choose one with people who have done telesales in quite a long time now. 

Third, learn the entire telemarketing platform that they offer.  Spend time in understanding and evaluating how your campaign will be created and managed.  You will know the right one if they present you with  a systematized approach to creating and executing your campaign to achieve success. You need to give due attention in understanding how their process will work to ensure great results.

Fourth, consider the agency's technology and technical support.  Ask the agency about their technical support. Can they easily import and export data?  Does their technology allow them to track, listen in to and review telemarketer calls?  Their system should integrate  with email campaigns to make the calls more productive and should have the capacity to do real-time reporting.

Last, your proposed telemarketing partner should have the capacity to recognise the issues that your company have on a day to day basis. This may seem unrelated, but it is very important that you choose an agency that will find a solution that will help to resolve/eliminate or address these issues.  This means that your partner will have a real impact on your business.  It should be up to the agency to position themselves to address your problems.

When it comes to business-to-business telemarketing, the landscape of companies to choose from often seems limitless.  So it is very important to select the right one.   It should not only be based on price but more importantly on what you can get for what you pay for.  Consider the factors above because once you have your priorities set, then it will be time to start looking at individual telemarketing companies. So give your money the best value by choosing the right company for you.

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