The job of a graphic designer is dynamic. She has to design almost everything for offline and online purposes and that is what makes her so versatile. To learn the methods of creating the designs, you need to enroll for a course at a graphic design institute in Kolkata. As we all know, institutes play a very important role in the career and development of a graphic designer.

In many companies graphic designers are asked to make web layouts. To do this, you will need to understand the size of the template in the first place. Mostly you will be making the layouts in Photoshop. However, there are other tools too which will help you to design the templates.

The websites are changing at all times and so are the designs. Therefore, you have to possess a keen eye so that you can take references from them and then make something new out of it. In a regular template placement of elements is important with typography and fonts to give a look and feel to a website. You will be able to learn all these through these courses.

At present material and flat designs are ruling the industry and from them designers are creating personalized layouts. As a graphic designer, as you go on making templates, do take a note of your reference materials because those will help you to contribute in developing themes for the websites.

As the web becomes more vivid there will be new templates coming to the forefront. There are many new designs that are coming to the forefront which are born out of experimentation. These references will make you a better designer with time.

Though not required, yet as a graphic designer you can learn HTML to understand how the website will look when it is finished. You can join a graphic design institute in Kolkata to learn HTML alongside with graphic design and the methods to make templates for the web.

Maintaining rule of thirds

The guideline states the meeting points of rows and columns will determine how well you have placed the elements. It will also determine how well you have balanced the entire design. Therefore you need to maintain the balance to make the design more appealing.

There are more rules and guides to creating better website layouts and we will discuss them on the upcoming articles. Meanwhile, you need to join a course from a graphic design institute in Kolkata to learn web layouts comprehensively.

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Laxmon Gope is an expert graphic designer and trainer at Institute of International Training. His courses in this graphic design institute in Kolkatahave helped many students to get a fulfilling career in their lives.