Do you have plans for Texas during the duck hunting season? You need to be aware of the exact dates for the zone of your choice. Say, you are from Dallas, then the North Zone will apply to you. Here, the season for hunting ducks starts in early November and lasts for a month. The season starts again in November and ends on 31st January. There are some minor changes in dates in the South Zone.

Duck Hunting

The expert duck hunting guides in Texas, such as those with Farwide, and the officers at the Texas Department and Wildlife department can help you get the in-depth information to make your trip worthwhile.

Licenses and Stamps for Hunting Ducks in Texas

Duck hunters in Texas require the following before they can go after their catch:

  • Basic hunting license
  • Texas Migratory Game Bird Stamp Endorsement
  • For hunters aged 16 years or more – Federal Duck Stamp and HIP certifications

Coastal Duck Hunting in Texas

You may want to head to the beautiful coastline of Texas in the upcoming duck hunting season. You may want to stand in waist-high water bodies set amongst mangrove trees in areas near to Corpus Christi. The Aransas National Wildlife Refuge is another popular place for duck hunting in the coastal regions of this State. The most commonly found species here are the Redheads, widgeons and teals.

Where to Hunt? What do Duck Hunting Guides in Texas Say?

The best sites for hunting ducks are dependent on the type of game you are looking for. The migration patterns of the birds have to be considered as well. East and North Texas, along with the hunting grounds near Corpus Christi are excellent choices for this purpose.

Download the App for Duck Hunting in Texas

Make the most of the duck season in Texas with the expert hunters and guides at You may want to download the Farwide app to get access to the latest information about the duck hunting season in Texas and other states of the US.

Happy hunting!

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