The first sexual encounter is always memorable and nerve-wrecking as well. Even after several years, we never forget the excitement, curiosity, nervousness, and mind-blowing experience we had at that time.

From seeking opinions from peers to dressing up and buying sex toys, dotted condoms, etc., we try everything to create a mesmerizing effect on our partner. Many people explore the web to gather insights on how to have first-time sex, what to do to control anxiety and how to get things to another level? These questions and emotional rush are normal for a first-timer as there is no do-over in this kind of deed. Hence, to make it special and unforgettable, you should know some basics of having penetrative sex with your partner.

This article will explore three important things to consider for ensuring the best first-time sex to flourish each passing day.

1. Be ready

The first and foremost step in your quest to prepare for sex is to ask yourself “Am I ready?” Sex being a physical and natural activity, leads to emotional imbalance as well. You may feel a bit overwhelmed before hitting the main event. In such a scenario, take a minute to think if this is what you want right now and you aren’t feeling any pressure. Stress and anxiety will do no good in having pleasurable sex. Hence, it is not wise to have sexual intercourse unless you are ready for it.

Furthermore, while feeling emotionally ready is essential, having protection will aid your condition and put your mind at ease and increase enjoyment. There are various condoms available in the market such as flavoured, dotted and ultrathin condoms to suit your desires and ace up your game.

2. Knowledge of different kinds of sex

Some people tend to think that penetrative sex is the only pleasurable physical thing to do when talking about sex. Well, that’s not true. Sex is not confined to penetrative sessions, instead, it has different meanings from person to person. For example, oral sex is quite engaging and preferred by several couples to have along with lasting lovemaking sessions with successful climaxing. Vaginal is also in the queue of sex acts. Generally, people who are freshers often go for vaginal or anal sex to experience intense connections with their partners.

Moreover, if you want to go slow and reach orgasm then foreplay with the all-time favourite flavoured condoms will be beneficial to get the desired results.

3. Get conversational

Sex has to be fun! There is no need to feel pressure and restrict your thoughts to yourself. You should communicate with your partner and take initiative for sex talk. This will not only help to realise each other’s fantasies, wants and desires, but will help you to feel light-headed and less-burdened. Make sure to convey your likes and dislikes to your partner to prevent a communication gap. As it may hamper your relationship and have a direct impact on the intercourse.

Give your beloved some physical clues like moaning, smiling, and whispering to build a stronger bond and understand each other’s thoughts. Showing some love and affection through gestures and communication can do wonders in your physical relationship.

No matter if it's your first time or 50th. Each time you may want something unique and more exciting. However, following the above-mentioned points are the best way to get across for the first time and beyond. These things never die yet only thrive with time and care along with both physical and emotional intimacies. Furthermore, consult your doctor for clear guidance and protection considerations.

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Rea Setia is an passionate writer. She loves to share business tips and her experience about industry.