There are two principle exchanges in India, The national stock exchange which is also called the NSE India and the Bombay stock exchange which is popularly called the BSEIndia. All the major trading in the country occurs through these exchanges. The indexes which serve as an indicator of performance of the companies are the SENSEX and NIFTY. Now that we are familiar with these terms, we need to understand the trading which takes place at financial market.

What is day trading or what is intraday?

Consider the exchange as a simple financial market place, where people or traders can buy securities of a company. Securities are what we call stock and shares. Buying and selling is done at a place called the floor. Earlier in the 80s, the exchanges were considered as open market, where anybody could walk in and buy stocks. In order to increase the productivity and regulation, now it requires a person to be a paid member to engage in market trading. With the improvements over the years, online trading has become a norm, which many people follow. There are lots of investment brokerages that can carry on the transactions on your behalf. Such firms are fast becoming a popular mode of investment.

Smart work or hard work:

On the surface, market trading seems to be bit tough similar like cracking a nut for the first time, but when we dive in, there is not much in terms of procedures that we must know before we start trading. Live share market features more than three national news channels, which provide the information 24x7 and make it easier to keep track of the stocks and their prices. You can buy or sell these stocks, by making a simple phone call. A business acumen and keen sense of industry sentiments are always great assets. Market analysts analyses nifty live charts throughout the day and are always ready with suggestions and predictions. Online trading is becoming an exciting investment option for new professionals. It’s literally taking a bite of the Indian success story. And answering the question, it is a smart work that pays and not hard work.

The Financial market:

NSEIndia is owned by financial institutions, banks, insurance companies and other financial entities. The NSE has over 1650 listings. The trading sessions are from 09:15 to 15:30. They work through the weekdays except government announced holidays. BSE consists of over 5,120 Indian companies listed at its exchange. It is the oldest index in entire Asia.

The scope of any article is never enough if you are seeking for in depth analysis of the Indian market, and so it would be a wrong approach to keep in bay the ideas of investing money. In this era of fast information it makes sense to invest and be a part of businesses like never before. In India, stock marketing is still considered an aggressive investment. It’s time, we as Indians, think practically, make educated and informed decisions and accept the risks which are associated with the market trading.

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