This article describes the difference between marble and granite to help you understand how to select the most suitable one for your project.

Are you confused about selecting the right natural stone for the construction project? Well, this is a possibility because you can find marble and granite for residential and commercial uses. If you know the differences, it would be easy to decide whether to use Carrera marble kitchen countertops or granite for the same project.

As a first-time buyer, it is crucial to know the exact differences so that you don’t make a single mistake. Geographical and aesthetic differences are two main aspects. Also, you have to consider the chemical aspects of these materials to make a wise decision.

Let’s start with the differences in the next section-

Granite is formed from molten magma after it has been cooled down inside the earth’s crust. It has a grain structure due to silicates. This makes the material hard and compact. Considering marble, this is mainly made up of calcium carbonate. It becomes unique hardened material over time with a crystalline and granular structure.

When it comes to choosing the most suitable material for the construction project, the former one is tougher and resistant to acidic substances. This makes the material ideal for outdoor applications with heavy foot traffic. However, you can find it difficult to cut the material which increases the possibility of cracks. This increases the cost of entire project a little more.

If you would like to save on your total expenses, the most suitable choice would be marble. It comes with irregular vein patterns on the surface and vivid colour options due to the presence of impurities. This makes the material durable, long-lasting, as well as attractive. It can be cut in different shapes and sizes without any difficulties for any project.

This is true that the former material could be a good choice for furniture items; however, the difficulty in cutting them into required shapes restricts its use. These days you can find it with a matte finish to adapt to contemporary interior designs but the latter suits best because of its attractiveness & elegance.

Do you like to buy the most suitable one for your kitchen? It is marble because of its heat-resistant property; however, you have to clean the surfaces regularly. In other words, a little higher maintenance is required when compared to the other material. It can also be used for kitchen backsplashes and other different areas to enhance their beauty. In short, this material is most suitable for residential as well as commercial projects.

Hope this information might be helpful in making a wise decision in your case. If you would like to transform your place into a luxurious one, go with the purchase of latter material and begin your project. Obviously, this is the most suitable choice when you need a natural stone.

Some Important Things to Know about Marble

As already discussed, you can find it in different colour options. It possesses heat-resistant properties. It can be used in the laboratory and for other industrial purposes. Suppose you would like to go with a little better material, you can prefer cultured marble. It is an engineered product that is more durable, more heat-resistant, and more easily maintained. Also, the cost is a little more economical than natural stone.

So, pick the right supplier for your project and ask for quotes by finalising the type of material that you would like to buy such as Carrera marble for kitchen countertops, cultured one for heavy traffic areas, etc. In case you are still having confusion, you will get assistance from experts of these suppliers. A small conversion with a professional can be effective.

Don’t forget to check out the prices from different suppliers to make a wise decision. Hurry up!

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