Feng Shui is a Chinese system of geomancy that is practiced across most eastern cultures and is slowly working its way into many western ones. In terms of an office fitout, the system aims at optimizing and enhancing the flow of chi throughout a workplace, which is believed to have a very strong influence on determining our success. Chi is often described as being positive energy and Feng Shui, therefore, is the practice of attracting and retaining this energy.

When planning your office fitout, colour is a very important considered of the Feng Shui system and, therefore, needs to be taken into account very early on in the process:

  • Red represents an aggressiveness in business
  • Orange represents cooperation, collaboration and a strengthening of concentration and purpose
  • Yellow represents clear thinking, warmth and friendship
  • Blue and green represent reflection, inner peace and trust
  • Purple represents a healing of the body and mind, as well as influencing creativity
  • White represents confidence, dignity and poise
  • Black represents power, money, income and emotional power

By following these tips when undertaking your office fitout, you can ensure the best possible flow of chi through your workplace :

  • Place desks so that they face doorways or entrances, ensuring that they are supported at the back by a wall or other earth element; this is known as the command position.
  • Place a peacekeeping symbol (such as a rooster) in the centre of the office, as this will discourage backstabbing and encourage harmony amongst your employees.
  • If employees must face away from the door, place a mirror on the desk so that they can see who is approaching. Your office fitout should also avoid facing desks towards stairs, elevators, storage rooms and toilets.
  • Avoid keeping cacti or plants with pointy leaves in your office, as they are known to generate fierce chi. You should also avoid dead flowers and rancid water, as they have a negative effect on wealth.
  • Avoid holding onto items that harbor old memories, as all objects have their own energy and are said to represent your past, present and future business. File items away so that success is guaranteed.

Many people within both eastern and western cultures believe that Feng Shui can be very beneficial to ensuring the success of a business. Whether you believe that this is possible or not is irrelevant – your employees may be comforted by the fact that positive energy is being allowed to flow effortlessly throughout their workplace. Use your office fitout to ensure the success of your business with minimal fuss.

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