There are many things to consider when picking a t-shirt. You may have to consider the styles, fabric, sleeves, neckline, etc. Good luck to you if you know your way around styles. However, you might as well need to adhere to more extensive and explored styles.

Since there are many types of t-shirts, you need to follow some acceptable rules to pick your t-shirt. Below are some basic features of a t-shirt that you need to know.


The neckline is a fundamental feature of any t-shirt you choose. Just as there are different styles and fabrics, there are also different neckline types.

You must pick the right neckline that fits your body. A wrong neckline can make other parts of the t-shirt go all wrong. It is a significant issue to determine the appropriate neckline.

Necklines include:

  • Crew Neckline

    It is the most common and standard neck style. The neckline has a round opening and fits tightly to the neck.

  • V Neckline
  • As the name infers, the neck style is V-shaped. The neckline is cut and seamed in a V-style from the collar a little above the chest area.

  • Y (Henley) Neckline
  • It stands in-between the crew neckline and the V neckline. The Henley neck style differs with the buttons going down the chest a little inches.

  • Scoop Neckline
  • It has a wide opening for the head. It is deeper than the crew neck. The seam goes below the collarbone. The wide opening exposes a fair part of the chest.


By this, we mean that the t-shirt should be well-fitted for your body. All the shaping of the cloth should wrap around the body. The tee should not cause any inconvenience or discomfort. There should be no restraints in areas like the arms, shoulders, chest, or back. The fitting of the tee can also be personal.
Sometimes you might need to wear fitted or saggy putting styles.

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A sleeve is the part of the cloth covering the arms. Sleeves are in different shapes and sizes. You need to choose a sleeve based on your shoulder width, arm length, among others. These determine the general appearance of cloth. The popular selections are Sleeveless, Cap Sleeve, Regular (Half) Sleeve, Long Sleeve, and ¾ Sleeve.


It would be best if you chose the fit according to the purpose of the t-shirt. For instance, you cannot wear a similar t-shirt for sports and informal office wear. The function of the shirt is critical in determining the fit.


The fabric of a t-shirt is also crucial while choosing a t-shirt. Both print-on-request traders and buyers must always look out for suitable fabric. The look is not enough. You must also check that the fabric is not uncomfortable to wear like, too fitted, itchy, scratchy, of little worth, and so forth. It should be soft and comfortable.


Just as t-shirts have different uses, so also they have different sizes. There are different t-shirts for different events, activities, seasons, and so on. The weight, thickness, and heaviness of a t-shirt will define when, where, and how to wear it.

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